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-=====Two Months Ago =====+====== Current Situation ======
-Around two months ​ago you woke up. This in itself isn't anything out of the ordinaryaside from two minor details. One, you couldn'​t ​remember anything, and two the world appears ​to have recently ended.+Two months ​in and life has become somewhat routine. Rudimentary shelters have sprung ​up as people begin constructing more permanent homes to protect them from the elementsRegular enough supplies ​of food can be found; not enough to gorge onbut enough to get bymeaning ​you don'​t ​have to devote all your time to foraging. As close to "​clean"​ water is relatively plentiful; large reservoirs under the city have become accessible due to the destruction of the city above them, providing relatively safe supplies for everyone. People ​have begun talking to one another and slowly but surely trust is being established among some people. While attacks for resources are still common, they are a lot less prevalent than they once were.
-You wandered around dazed at first. You appeared to find yourself in a what could have once been a city, great rubble of gleaming metal, shards of glass and smashed displays, broken paving and upturned flagstone lay all around while nature crept in. Weeds had sprung up in the gaps that gave well to the ground underneath the ruins and vines were beginning to entwine what little still stood. Bits of broken technology you couldn'​t identify half buried in new grass. The place was quiet but that did not mean safe.+==== Technology ====
-You were one of the lucky ones; your survival instincts kicked in, and you were able to get byfending ​for yourselfor perhaps finding a couple of other people who you trusted enough ​to work together with. Trying to piece together what little civilisation you had left, it quickly became apparent from further discussions that you are not the only one; it seems nobody can remember anything before a similar point in time.+Technology is all but non-existent. That which has been salvaged is unrecognisable,​ the original purpose ​of many things lost to you. Those things which do exist often lack power to do anythingand render themselves unusable. Uses have been found for many thingsif not their original intended one, though some do strive ​to uncover ​the original purpose of these artefacts.
-There was not time to dwell on these questions too muchour more immediate concern was surviving; finding watergathering food, rebuilding shelters, and maybe finding ​other amenities ​to make life little more comfortable for yourself. Some were not so fortunate. There were many died in the intervening period By daythere would be attacks as people fought over resourcesscrabbling over the remains ​and by night, people cried out and sleep never came easily as the night air chilled. Those left alive are those who could manage to get by. It's hard to say how many you number. It's hard to tell how many people you encounter when it's so easy to mistrust strangers.+Artificial light is hard to come byWhile some have mastered the art of fire (annoyingly little of the ruined world seems to be flammable)few other sources of light or heat are available. The most notable exception ​to this appears to be handful of screens dotted around the city, seemingly wired into the infrastructure itselfThey display a few things like local weather reportsadverts for mysterious products, and other random bits of data.
-It looked like this was life for the foreseeable future; getting by. Then the signs appeared. +There are rumours ​of fancy energy-based weapons that have been salvagedthough in various states ​of disrepair ​and just as likely ​to injure you as your targetMost people ​resort ​to blunt weapons ​as a reliable tool of battlewhether for defending your shelter from other people, ​or fending off wild animals.
- +
- +
-===== The Signs ===== +
- +
-At first it just seemed like another piece of decaying technology; faltering as it tried to follow its routine operations. Artificial light is hard to come byso the warm glow of the sign immediately attracted your attention. Curious; it appeared to be a countdown, ​and an arrow, pointing off in some direction. Exploring further, you noticed similar signs elsewhere in the decaying infrastructure,​ all with the same countdown, and pointing towards something. +
- +
-It seems you weren'​t the only one to notice, and - as the timer drew ever closer ​to zero - more gathered ​as they followed the signs to the destination. If you're honest with yourself, you couldn'​t say entirely why you followed them, but be it curiosity, or just following others, eventually ​your reached the end of the trail. +
- +
-A large chamber; mostly in tact, is adorned with more signs, indicating that this is where you are supposed to be. You stay back, wary of all the other people ​standing back to witness what was to happen. A few of the more brave of the spectators ventured forth into the chamber, awaiting the end of the countdown. Everyone held their breath ​as they watched and waited. +
- +
-An argument broke out inside the room. It's not clear why, but it quickly escalated, punches about to be thrown. As soon as the first punch gets thrown, shots of light met the two fighters before the fist meets its targetand they both fell to the floor. Silence purveys the area, but the two get to their feet after a moment, eyeing each other suspiciously. It seems whatever this building was for, it has some kind of anti-aggression system in place, neutralising any fights that break out. +
- +
-With safety slightly more assured, more people ​venture towards the areaas the countdown reaches zero. +
- +
-**TIME IN - Session will begin at this point in time. Feel free to generate a character, and we'll see you at session 1!**+
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