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 +====== Memories ======
 +The one thing every survivor seems to have in common is a lack of memories. Some of the finer details of this amnesia varies from person to person, but the broad strokes are consistent between people.
 +By and large, most people can remember basic personal care - feeding yourself, enough sense to avoid injury, movement and speech are all present. In general, though, nouns aren't great. You can broadly remember that things like trees and animals are "​natural"​ and things like buildings and screens are not, but more in depth classifications are beyond you. You can vaguely remember the planet, Dunia, and hazy elements of the city (identifiable as Monument from the signs), though this tends to manifest itself through a vague familiarity with the world around you, rather than anything particularly concrete. You can tell different animals apart, but if you knew what they were called before, you don't now. Most items you won't be able to identify; a mixture of amnesia and things being very damaged means you can't quite recall the purpose of a lot of objects. However we expect your character will, with some time, be able to figure out the purpose (intended or otherwise) of an object, assuming they have the relevant skills (e.g. you would need some kind of medical skill to work out what medicine is for).
 +On an O.C. level, we don't want to give you a big list of things you can remember, and then ask you to extrapolate everything from there, as that's a lot of effort and not particularly fun. We will expect you to make reasonable assumptions of what you will and won't know, but if you have any questions on the specifics you're welcome to ask the GM team. 
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