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The first month was the hardest.

Every day was a fight for resources, scavenging what we could. At night, the howls and cries of others would drift across the ruins. They used to keep me awake, but there’s only so many nights you can go without sleep.

After a month, the ones who couldn’t fend for themselves… they were gone. That’s the thing about an apocalypse: even if you find your way through it alive, the complete collapse of society finishes off most of the rest of us. There are just bodies everywhere now.

I look around at the ruins sometimes, wondering what this place used to look like. I can remember flashes, a face I no longer recognise, a book I no longer have. How did that turn to this? Maybe one day I’ll find out. For now we must look to rebuilding, in the hopes of a brighter tomorrow.


Aftermath is the Michaelmas 2017/Hilary 2018 Society Game for Oxford University Roleplaying Games Society. Players play survivors of an unknown apocalypse, who cannot remember their own lives past a month ago. This game will be about rebuilding society, re-learning the knowledge that you've lost, and maybe even finding out how all of this came to be.


Please note that there may be some small revisions to the wiki between now and the start of term

For those new to Society Games, the best place to start is the introduction page. For those who have done this before, feel free to dive into more information about the current situation, or start making a character.

The first session will be on Tuesday of 1st Week (10th October), and is dedicated to character generation, with assistance on hand for new members (or old members who want it!). However if you are not able to make this session, feel free to submit a character regardless.

The GM team would appreciate if all characters could be submitted before 23:59 Wednesday 11/10/17, but you're still welcome to come along and create a character if you find us after this time.

Sessions run Tuesdays, from 7:30 - 10:00pm in the Daubney Lab at Magdalen College, next to the Botanical Gardens. There will be people around to guide you. You may arrive from 7:00pm.

Please don't hesitate to email the organisers at You can also subscribe to the OURPGSoc mailing list at

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