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Character Creation


  • Decide who you are.
  • Choose your Lingering Memories.
  • Choose your survivor group (or independence).
  • Choose your Basic Skills.
  • Choose your Quirks
  • Write your public bio.

Who are you?

The first thing to think about is to ask yourself what sort of character you want to be: a daring explorer ready to dive into the world; a stalwart hero who just wants to protect what’s left of humanity; an inspired architect who wants to rebuild the world in their image; a devious cultist… You want to be a cultist, don’t you?

Having a solid idea of who your character is can be really helpful, as it helps you know how they will react when faced with hardship, and gives you something to work towards when you are struggling to find things to do. Alternatively you may wish to discover how your character takes on new challenges and situations during play - this can be fun too! This aspect of your character doesn’t have a mechanical representation, but can be useful to guide how they are created.

Lingering Memories

Due to the universal amnesia, most of your character’s memories will be from the month or so preceding the game start. However your character will retain 3 important memories from their past which may influence their in game decisions. They are as follows:

A person that is important to you.

  • You can remember as much as you wish about this person's name, personality and relationship with you.
  • Memories about events in this person's life will be more vague. You will not be able to remember places, or historical events even if this person was there.
  • This person may be a character in game. However if this is a PC then you must have their permission.
  • This person may not necessarily remember you.

A profession that is important to you.

  • You can remember as much as you wish about a particular profession that you associate with yourself.
  • You may not remember the particular places where you worked.
  • This may represent an aspiration rather than your actual job.
  • You may not gain knowledge of in game skills using this memory.

A character-defining moment in your past.

  • You can remember as much as you wish about one moment of your past.
  • However details of the setting such as places and historical events will be very unclear.

You are able to choose your character's 3 Lingering Memories. However, even these memories are a little bit blurry around the edges and will often be lacking in context. Specific details about your surroundings are extremely unlikely to be recalled. Your profession may have just been a long held dream of your former self. You might remember your sibling but you might have forgotten that you were bitter rivals. There is no guarantee they will remember you at all.


Skills describe what your character can do. If you can sail a boat, build a statue, or organise a celebratory feast in the name of Tz’Kla the unmerciful, that's part of a skill. Skills are divided into 3 separate tiers that become available at different stages of the game. At game start you have 3 points to spend on Basic skills1).


Quirks represent unusual things about a character - be they physical or spiritual traits, unique possessions, personal relations, or more.

Each character starts with 1 positive quirk, and can take up to 3 more positive quirks by balancing them with negative quirks. Note that quirks can be gained and lost in play, and mystery quirks may become more clear through time or effort.

Final Details

A name - your character is going to need a name so that other people know what to call you. Memories are patchy but your character may have found a card on them that had their name (e.g. Mr Starbucks Loyalty). Alternatively they might have come up with their own name in the last few months.

A background - everyone has history, even if you can only remember the last month or so of it. You should know how your character is dealing with their situation and how they are reacting to their surroundings. This is private, and only serves to give the GMs a better understanding of who your character is.

Any links to survivor groups - there are a number of survivor groups that players can be members of at the start of the game. Starting as a member of a survivor group is not required, but may be a useful place to find allies or plot. Whether or not your character will be part of these groups, be sure to mention it in your character submission. You may start play in up to one survivor group only but you may attempt to join others in play.

A public bio - each character will have a short (up to 150 words) public biography that all the other players can see which represents common and publicly known rumours about them. These may not necessarily be true but they must be reasonable. These rumours may be added to during the game by the GM team.


Character Name:

Lingering Memories:
Starting Skills:


Starting Survivor Group: PLEASE PUT "NONE" IF THAT IS THE CASE


Public Bio:

Note that your Public Bio will be public, but everything else will only be seen by you and the GMs.

Once you have filled out all of the details, please email it to, so we can look through it and make sure that everything is okay. We may take a few days to get back to you, but if you submit it by Wednesday of 1st week then everything will be good to go by the first session.

1) or 4 if you have taken the wealth of experience quirk
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