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Example Characters will appear at a later date.

Example 1

Character Name: Omar Kinsfolk

Lingering Memories:

  • Person: His father, who was very supportive and fun.
  • Profession: He remembers being a wilderness explorer, evading dangerous beasts as he survives in the unknown wilderness.
  • Moment: He remembers one time when he was young he got lost in the wilderness, as well as the fear and anger of the event.

Starting Skills:

  • Basic Exploration
  • Basic Survival
  • Basic Combat


  • Tough Cookie (+)
  • Oh Look, I've Been Impaled (-)
  • Nature's Touch (++-)

Starting Survivor group: None

Background: Omar woke up wearing a green wilderness kit, with badges of honour signifying his forgotten achievements. He decided to dedicate himself to pacifying the wilderness outside monument. He soon found out he is very good at beating up the beasts outside, although he isn't happy with the weird red liquid he leaks sometimes.

Public Bio: Some big, beefy guy, bedecked in medals, who goes around the wilderness beyond Monument beating up wildlife.

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