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Playground Permits are now available from the Ministry for Silly Affairs. Please ensure you have your Playground Permit ready for inspection.

Failure to produce your Playground Permit on request may result in Consequences. Carry on.


Playground permit? Is this close enough?

A place to experiment with Wiki syntax, post memes, jokes, and other silly things.


O f u! >:( >:(

Shipping Forecast Forecast: No shipping forecast yet

Should this really be the “Aftermath” “playground,” considering that the dictat is that we don't do nouns very well at all?

Water. Earth. Sun. Sky. Long ago, the four sectors lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Cult attacked.
Only the Serpenty, master of all four Aspects, could stop them. But when the world needed her most, she vanished.


Out of Context IC Quotes

CIT: Wow! Nobody's ever called me normal before!

Dan Shampoo: I asked it if it was broken and it said 'error'.

Rafael: I didn’t use a “splint” and “bandages.” I used a stick and some wrappy stuff.

Guinevere: You know, I probably found you really annoying back when you were my sister

Guinevere: She burned people to death and put the corpses in my road! *end session*

Moonlight: It literally wouldn't adhere to any part of me!

Apollo: That is, if the rules of tag included one person being on fire
Noneapple: Oh, it wouldn't just be one person by the end.

Starchild: Vanguard would revolt against his own hat if he thought it was keeping him down.

Samantha: I've seen Key's enormous earth-serpent.
Clover Leaf: Yeah, it has giant teeth.
Samantha: …I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing.

Turnsheet: “If only you could tattoo shrapguns.”

Turnsheet: “When asked if that was necessary, you chide him, stating that you’re a doctor and know what you’re doing”

Start of turnsheet action: “I'm trusting Moonlight…”

Turnsheet: ‘you can't save all of your patients, so you even have some Dunian flesh…’

“They are swirly mischeivious colours”

“Diplomatic incident.”

Vice: “So… you still think we all come from the Sun, then. Do you think the lizards came from the Sun too, or are they bound to a different element?”
Noneapple: “They're different. They're… I don't know, Earth-dust, I suppose. But we're Sun-dust. We're atoms. And I'm going to try and set my atoms free. [pause] You know, there's probably a better way of saying that.”

Entirely in Context OC Quotes

Cameron: I can 100% promise you that we didn't give any nuclear warheads to players in turn one.

Tom: If people can't be bothered to fill out the appropriate post-mortem paperwork then it's not my fault if I don't know about it.

My boyfriend: The only difference between you and Starchild is that she’s dead.

Dave: We are saving peoples' lives by throwing poop-dirt on them!

Cynthia: what if I called the people of the Night Temple Night Templars?

Cameron: all I'm saying is that you can try and squeeze as much brain surgery as you like into one move, but…

Idan: People die when they are killed.

Aleaha: But we didn't see Serpenty have sex!

Aleaha: Rate your lizard attraction from House to the Captain
Anna: I'm a solid captain
Anna: I'm not a scaly but I would absolutely fuck the Heizar

Incorrect Quotes

GUINEVERE: Listen to me, everyone. Please. I'm known for monologues that sum things up at the end of session. I'm Minister for Transport, which means I'm a good person. Let's not surrender to our basest instincts. I know times are tough, but I'm sure if we band together and really concentrate on the problem at hand, we can, as a group of friends- [Screams as NONEAPPLE sets her alight.]
NONEAPPLE: The rule of man is over; now begins the rule of fire. I will no longer be shackled by the civilized society of the forgotten times. This is Monument, and the only law here is flame! The fire wants not for justice. The fire wants not for reason. The fire desires only to be fed!
[Cries of “Feed the fire!” and “The fire is my new god!”]
CIT: I'm so sorry, Guinevere, but the tide has turned and I side with the fire now.

CAPTAIN: It's a cult, and I know what I'm talking about. I learned a little about cults during that year I was studying the Sun Worshippers. 'Cause coincidentally during that year I happened to read a book about cults.

MOONLIGHT: Success is the best revenge.
MERRIBEL: Bullshit. Revenge is the best revenge.

MOONLIGHT: For your crimes against fashion, I sentence you to die.

The Sadiković form is dead, insect. Are you afraid? What is it that you fear? The end of your trivial existence? When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.

[Walls open to reveal screens everywhere you look.]


Ravenheart: This session, I lost my dear friend Rafi.
RAFI: It sounds like you're making a false claim about my life-status. I'd super like to help correct it!
Ravenheart: Sometimes, I can still hear her voice!

Shipping Forecast

Minister for Shipping is Councillor Starchild. Report to her for your Marriage Designation.

… There. I made one. Satisfied? Now everyone needs to ballgown, so we can get some ships on here!

yay :)

Change of Heart - Guinevere/CIT
This Would Never Work OC - Moonlight/Noneapple
Bad ad-vice - Vice/Noneapple
Romance by Committee - Gwen/Pearl
Hurricanes in 2 to 6 months1)
ERROR. Further forecast not available.

This is a matter for HR.

Stoned - Rock/Fabric
Unlock my heart - Samantha/Key
Sparks Fly (& Are Extinguished) - Noneapple/Fire Blanket
Showtime - Moonlight/Mr Jack Daniels
Gwoonlight - Moon/Gwen (because awful is an appropriate substitute for creativity)
Wait, we're married? - Rafael/Noneapple
How'd it get burned? - Read/Noneapple
Starlight - Starchild/Moonlight (Such a pretty name for such an awful ship)
Safehouse For Sale - Vice/House (We've hardly even talked, I just liked the name.)
Windswept Hair - Dandruff/Breeze
The Best Ship - Captain Ferrill/Someone that will stay alive?2)
Pipe Up! - Piper/Adverse Camber
Seeing Red - Jasminder 100%/Captain Ferrill
Mafia - Matteo/Afia (this was supposedly unintentional)
Is it bestiality?-Human/Heizar

  • Consider this: The Shape Of Water, Sky, Sun, and Earth

Shnine - Shine Dust Bug/Nine
RaynForest - River Forest Gem/Ray
TreeHouse- River Forest Gem/ House For Sale
Nightlight - Ray/Ravenheart
Night Sky - Rafi/Ravenheart
Conjectures Without Truth - Ray/Selene

DrawBridge - Pastel/ Leaders Bridge (terrible, horrible, not in any way endorsed)
Pastelheart3)4) - Pastel/Ravenheart (sounds horrifying, but the name is fun)

Rampant speculation

A place to speculate wildly about what is actually going on…

  • You are actually one of the tomatoes 5)
  • Cameron couldn't be bothered to write a setting and the GM team are just making up backstory as they go along.
    • This is more plausible than literally anything else I've heard
    • Cameron here- I thought I confirmed this was what's happening ages ago. Why is there still confusion about this?
  • Everyone is Jesus in purgatory.
  • It's actually a sequel to another society game.
    • Duh, your job is just to figure out which ones.
    • So my headcanon is this: The Redemption prison collided with Tempest version of Earth and all the stories going rampant caused everyone to loose their memories. We're all either playing the descendants of our characters from those games or you're someone who spontaneously came in to being during the disaster.
    • That or this is Memento Mundi and Frederick Dines actually succeeded in the second Upheaval.
    • That or its a sequel to Grand Conclave.
    • Shit… No, it actually takes place during Instrumentality.
    • This is a prequel to Paradiso, and the various weather-related disasters are just to encourage us to make domes.
  • The apocalypse was caused by an excess of superstition and nature-worship. Repent!
  • We are badly programmed NPCs in a video game, and the console was turned on 2 months ago. The main character is out there, somewhere.
    • What do you mean badly programmed?
    • A mixture of The Truman Show and Battle Royale.


Has anyone else been finding the Colourblind quirk hard to remember? I have already repeatedly referred to seeing the colours of things, and it's only turn 1.

  • Considered pointing out that the clothes of a group of Children sort of matched the elements in colour when they were discussing who could have each element as their favourite.
  • Called the sunlight at the start of the week “eerie” (sort of mixed IC/OC anyway)
  • commented on the colour of my mystery box item.

I've been finding it hard to not have the Quirk when I'm OC colourblind…

In Case You Were Wondering What That Final Love Song Was

In Case You Were Wondering What That Restaurant Serenade Was

Rock or Fabric?


  • Stars
    • I know it's a bit vaguely defined but aren't (non-degenerate) stars sort of soft, being made of gas?
      • Poke one and find out, heretic 😛.
  • Metal
  • Sandstone
  • Asteroids
  • Some food
  • Cave serpent/ underground angel
  • AI puppets (a rocky core swathed in a meaty fabric body)
  • Atoms
  • Nuclear reactors


  • Sand
  • Some food
  • Deities (that aren't stars)
  • Water
  • Sky Serpent/Angel

Are you with 🌑Team Rock🌑 or 📜Team Fabric📜? Please tally your results below, and no cheating/inventing some weird third category! All things in the universe are one or the other!

  • Do you mean is your character rock or fabric, or which do you believe sand is?

🌑: II

📜: I

… Sand is definitely tiny rocks

Ooh! Ooh! What about ashes? Asking for a friend. :Hmm. I think if sand is disputable, ashes /in themselves/ are fairly rocky; but it's in a kinda liminal state between the two, especially because charcoal is definitely rock, and clear indication of the deep-seated rockiness of all organic matter.🖤

  • But fabric is generally organic matter. Surely the purest state of one element couldn't have deep-seated aspects of its opposite.
    • That reminds me: which is asbestos fabric? There are clear arguments for it being both.

Mashing the Refresh Button Squad, Roll Call!

  • Here!
  • I'm currently feeling more inclined to mash the refresh button on the Skills page to see the new Expert skills when they become available.
  • The more you refresh the faster it comes out right?

Special Bureaucrat-Neutral News Section For Good Citizens

  • So, I hear there was this totally sweet Unity Festival organised by the Minister for Culture.

Special Aftermath Vocabulary

Since our memories started functioning again, we can recall words we've passed around amongst ourselves. We probably remembered them correctly: we just have this feeling. And hey, even if they aren't exactly the same as the words from Before, we're using them now, right? So, let's list our favourite Aftermath words that our characters just know they're using correctly…

  • Tortoise: To extract information from someone against their will, using incentives such as stopping the pain if they talk. Example: “Please stop tortoising me! PLEASE!”
  • Zebra: A stupid creature that moves slowly around, looking to harm others. After death, some people turn into these. Also known as a shambler or an STI. Example: “Aaaaaaargh the zebras are coming this way aaaaAAAAARGH HELP!” Derivative: Superzebra, a stronger, faster, more agile and more terrifying zebra.
  • Cannonball: A person that eats other people. Example: “Fuck it's a cannonball, if they catch me they'll eat me!”
  • Land mime: An object that you put on the floor and explodes when weight is put on it. Example: “We're putting land mimes down for the superzebras.”
  • Morse codd: A system of dots and dashes used to communicate. Example: “They're using lights to flash Morse codd.”
  • Colt: A sinister gathering of people. Example: “Pastel has started a Death Colt.
  • Cult: A four-legged animal. Example: “A cult has roofs on its feet.”
  • Parsley: A meeting to discuss peaceful resolution of conflict. Example: “Let's hold a parsley and hope nobody shoots anybody else.”
  • JuneDay: We just don't know.

Rejected Expert Skills

  • Advanced Naming Things
  • Advanced Bullshitting
  • Basketweaving
  • Pyromancy
  • Necromancy
  • Theological Combat
  • Summoning
  • GMing
  • Darts
  • Critical Thinking
  • Zombie Avoidance
  • Mud slathering
  • Memory theft
  • Basic parenting

What's a zombie?

GwenMen's Bizarre Adventure

imgur.com_u9nih2l.jpg imgur.com_n0cnhux.jpg imgur.com_zkxg4o3.jpg imgur.com_tec1pue.jpg imgur.com_6eucmfk.jpg imgur.com_zyymvze.jpg imgur.com_yr6eglm.jpg

Place your bets on who isn't surviving this turn!

  • my emotional wellbeing
  • arms7)
  • any of Leaders Bridge's friends or mentors
  • various members of the gm team
  • CAMPO's satisfaction in life choices
  • Monument / Dunia

A page from a probably real Heizar biology textbook

Warning for not really explicit nudity but quite explicit absurdity.

Accuracy of information not guaranteed. ` 8)

Heizar … egg? Flesh person … egg? Question?

1) oooo, very much approved!
3) or in Heizar, gods of death
4) pastel goth??
5) Obscure anime reference.
6) Jumps into the garbage
7) angry react
8) Luigi, S. Codex Seraphinianus (Rizzoli, 2006)
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