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Style and Tone

Aftermath is a post-apocalyptic game, set on an Earth-like planet. Play will be focusing on the rebuilding of society, exploring the world to re-learn all the lost information, and discovering what caused this to happen, such that you can avoid a repeat of it.

The most notable element is that your character, and anyone you've spoken to, seems to be unable to remember before about a month ago. You have some snippets of recollections of society before this, but only very minor details, and no clue as to what happened to cause such an apocalypse. In order to avoid many of the themes that this may cause issues with (see Conduct and Themes) the world will be entirely fictionalised, so there won't be celebrities, recognised brands, nationalities, religions, etc. although fictional versions of some of these things may appear during the course of the game.

Themes and Tone

An apocalypse isn't exactly sunshine and rainbows - the large scale death and destruction rather overshadows the whole experience. That being said, the future is bright. The worst of it is over (probably) and the focus of those who remain now turns to the future. You are past the point of base survival and the dawning of a new age presents you with a wealth of opportunities to rebuild and rediscover society, in whatever image you choose to envisage.

We certainly don't expect the game to be continuously dark in tone, we aim for a broad game that appeals to all people, characters and play-styles. That being said, you character will have seen death, and there will be opportunities to explore these themes if that's your thing.


As mentioned, death and destruction is by the by: most of the population is wiped out. However those of you who are left are survivors. This doesn't mean that you'll be without risk, and doing particularly dangerous or stupid things will have consequences, but if you've survived this long it means you know how to get by in this world. This means you are at least fed and have enough shelter to last.

However, if the idea of hard-core survival appeals to you, you will have the chance to play around with this, although it is worth noting that this will significantly increase your chance of dying. If you choose to take the “Can't do it alone” quirk, your character won't know how to survive on your own, making life that much more risky.

If, over the course of the game, your character tragically departs the mortal realm, you will have the option to create a new character. If this situation arises, the GMs will aim to give you plenty of notice, and we will ensure that you will not be disadvantaged for joining the game late.


Aftermath is inspired by numerous sources, including:

  • The Fallout Series (Video Games)
  • Mad Max (Film)
  • Portal 2 (Video Game) - aesthetic ideas
  • Paradiso (Previous Society Game)
  • The Trueman Show (Film)
  • The Hunger Games (Films)
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