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Within Monument

It was difficult, surviving the first few months. While thousands died, others came together to try to help each other. Practicality demanded some cooperation, at least in small groups. And now, with shelters built and regular food being brought in, some groups look back on the devastation and ask 'why', and others ask 'what now'. These are the most notable groups that have formed in the chaotic two months since you found yourselves waking:

  • The Bureaucrats: An organisation that wish to organise in order to recapture the society they once had. Though they have few memories of what that was, they are known for their ideals.
  • The Heralds of New Dunia: A group that believe their memory loss has given them a fresh start and that it is a chance to make themselves - and society - anew.
  • The Humanitarian Movement: A collective who simply wish to encourage cooperation and give help to all those who need it.
  • The Neighbourhood Watch: A self appointed peace-keeping service who patrol Monument and maintain order.
  • The Sons, Daughters, and Children: A group who believe the apocalypse was the wrath of Nature inflicted on an ungrateful and irreverent world, and who worship Nature as a God.
  • The Truth: An organisation, divided into investigators and reporters, who want to find the truth about what happened to the world.
  • The Watched: A collective who found remnants of media from the old world, shows where people competed live on television for entertainment, and who now believe that this is all a reality show, where their memories have been taken and they must compete without knowing the rules.


These groups far from encompass all individuals within or indeed beyond Monument. Many survive without any such affiliations and there are rumours of other groups in existence. In the early weeks, several people left the city and there have since been whispers of parties, of fine dining, and of the beginnings of criminal networks. There are rumours of food supplies being stolen or tampered with and of people going missing. But with survival taking precedence, no one has yet uncovered any groups which may be responsible.

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