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We can rebuild. It won’t be quick and it won’t be easy, but we can restore what we once had. Society, industry, culture, none of those are lost forever, because we're still here. Sure, we can probably survive individually as we are, but we should aim for more than that. Whatever happened, we can't let it destroy that spark of human spirit that drives us to aim ever higher. We can do more than just survive, we can thrive. To do that, we’ll need to get organised. - Sophia Day of the Bureaucrats.

The Bureaucrats, are a group dedicated to rebuilding society. They are using what society used to be as a starting point for rebuilding, or at least what anyone can remember of how it used to be. The Bureaucrats want more than to just survive.

The Bureaucrats are currently working on many diverse projects to help rebuild society. Zara Dean notably already has experiments underway to discover (or rediscover, as the case may be) as much as she can of medicine. The Bureaucrats do their best to work with many of the other existing factions, but relations are not always easy.

The Bureaucrats have not yet made any demands of those outside their faction, but since they consider themselves to be the leaders of the remaining survivors, they will expect everyone to comply if they do. Whether or not they are actually viewed as a legitimate government by the rest of the survivors is more up for debate.


The structure of the Bureaucrats can seem a little confusing to outsiders, with many members declaring themselves as holding various remembered titles, such as Admiral, Duchess, and Gong. The meaning and rank of each title is somewhat debated among faction members for now.

As a new group, the structure of the Bureaucrats is simple. Members generally claim ownership of various ‘Ministries’, or work to help in existing Ministries. Existing ministries include the Ministry of Ministerial Affairs, the Ministry of Interdepartmental Memos, and the Ministry of Fashion. These dictate where those members contribute to the rebuilding efforts. No doubt it will become more structured over time as the faction undertakes more projects, and as it grows in size.


The Bureaucrats organise themselves through regular meetings, which are often very heated and last for days. In these meetings the clashing personalities of the faction members become obvious. The meetings rely on majority vote, so members are already naturally staring to form groups who will work together to push the faction in various directions.

The faction tends to attract dreamers who are more concerned with arguing over efficient crop rotation and irrigation, rather than planting any actual plants. Those who join often have strong opinions on how things should be run. Since the Bureaucrats embrace ambition the faction has also attracted more than a few people who are mostly out for their own power, although these often end up being the people that actually get things done.

Notable Members

  • Sophia Day: The passionate founder of the Bureaucrats. One of the few, notable faction members more concerned with actually helping than holding endless meetings about how to help. She is widely respected within the faction.
  • Secretary Finley Price: A practical man taking charge of the efforts to build homes. He leads the Ministry of Construction.
  • Lonko Zara Dean: Leader of the Ministry for Health. Said to be very dedicated to her research, even if it is often very experimental.
  • Toqui Jamie Bennett: Declared himself leader of the Ministry for Agriculture. His efforts so far have mostly consisted of drawing up elaborate irrigation systems, and planting one pot plant of dubious edibility.
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