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Here we present some frequently asked questions about the game. If your question isn't answered here, do of course feel free to get in touch with the GM team.

Can I make up my character's past/O.C. remember my character's past, even though I don't know it I.C.?

Unfortunately not. While we'd love to make it work, there isn't a practical way of making this work whilst also keeping the setting consistent. We have aimed to make somewhat of a compromise in this with the “Lingering Memories” in character creation, but any more pre-apocalypse backstory than this will not be possible in the game.

Can I play a minor?

While we hate to limit character options, all characters in this game must be adults. As characters can remember very little, they will not know their ages, and in order to avoid potential issues with things like “Sex with minors” (an explicitly banned theme) the most straightforward solution is to outright restrict this.

Do I have to wear a costume?

No. Some players may wish to prepare a costume for their characters, but this is by no means necessary1).

If I want to wear a costume, what sort of clothes are appropriate for the setting?

There are two main contributing factors to the way people dress in the world of Aftermath. 1) Resources are hard to come by, including clothes, and 2) no-one can really remember what fashion was. This has lead to combination of people creating clothes out of whatever they can get their hands on, and wearing almost anything and claiming it is fashionable.

If you decide to wear a costume, we encourage you to be creative - anything goes! If you want some more traditional inspiration see the Style and Tone page.

Does/did [real-world concept] exist in setting?

Aftermath is set in an entirely fictional universe, but the bits and pieces you can remember from pre-apocalypse are of a roughly earth-like planet in the 21st century. We are using this as a shorthand to give you a rough sense of the world so that peoples memories of the world are at least somewhat consistent. The precise details on what you can remember are elaborated on in various places, most importantly in Character Creation

Notably all forms of discrimination (see Conduct and Themes) were absent, and your character would have no reason to to discriminate based on these things. The main exception to this will be their world views in regards to the apocalypse, and particularly any religious opinions they may have on this. There will be no real-world religions in game, but there will be fictional ones, and we expect there to be a reasonable amount of discussion and actions related to this during the game, although there's plenty of other areas of the game which will not involve this.

Can I learn skills as an action?

Unlike some recent society games, you aren't able to learn skills as an action. While there is no in-character justification for this, it is a necessity brought about by other factors in the game to ensure things remain balanced and interesting for everyone. You can still advance skills with normal character advancement.

Why do you not have "Hit Me Harder"

While some games in the past have had “Hit Me Harder”, or some similar mechanic, we have chosen not to include it in this game. Characters are already on the fine balance of life-and-death, and there aren't the safety nets that usually exist in setting if your character does mess up. This isn't to say we're expecting death to be around every corner, but things won't be a walk in the park either.

Where are the Recent Changes/Old Revisions

Unfortunately, due to some changes in the way the wiki works, we aren't able to censor changes made to the wiki. So if, say, the CAMPO, happened to accidentally publish some GM notes, not that this scenario would ever happen, the only way to restrict them is to disable recent changes/old revisions. We're sad to have to do this as we understand it's a very useful feature for people. In order help you keep track of any revisions we make to the wiki before game start, we've added a revision log that will be updated with any alterations to the wiki before term starts.

1) though it is rather fun
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