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The Truth

Breaking News people! The Truth is here! You all thought Martin was killed by a beast last week? Wrong! That is what we were lead to believe! Sources have informed me that not only was Martin heard by many to be talking about departing our camp, but the headless body was a fake! All of this is ultimately the work of the puppet masters in the shadows. Fear not! We shall drag them into the light! As soon as they remember who they are! - Gale Barton, co-founder of the Truth

The Truth is an organization dedicated to uncovering and sharing the true explanations behind the events of the past. They may not be as numerous as other groups of survivors but they are certainly among the more noticeable of them.

As a whole, The Truth is very interested in finding out about the manifold mysteries surrounding all aspects of Monument life, although they have the most interest in the events that happened in the time lost to memory.

Most of its membership are under the impression that the widespread memory loss has been caused by the same agents who are responsible for our current situation, ostensibly as a means of concealing their involvement. Evidently their plan has worked; amnesia has left everyone with not even a hint as to who could have orchestrated this. Rediscovering the truth feels like the only tangible way for them to get retaliation, or justice.

Enthusiasm and dedication are the bywords of The Truth. However concepts such as plausibility and fact-checking seem to have been lost along with the rest of their memories.

Derisive comments from other groups often claim that quantity rather than quality is the typical approach to finding The Truth.


The Truth was founded early on by the Barton siblings. Gale or Breeze asking incessant questions is among the earliest remaining memories of many of the survivors. As time has progressed the duo has become less confrontational and has gathered a following of others who wish to unearth the truth.

The structure of the Truth is fairly organised, though this is perhaps due to its simplicity and small size. The Truth is roughly divided into two departments; investigation and reporting. Breeze leads the investigative department, his keen observations more often than not pointing towards areas ripe for the excavation of secrets. The majority of members of the Truth have their main responsibilities in this department. After all the truth isn’t going to discover itself.

The smaller yet more noticeable department of the Truth is the reporting department led by Gale. People involved in this aspect of the Truth are charged with spreading the facts that have most recently been discovered. This usually involves shouting the latest news from street corners. Gale regards this as the most important function of the Truth, and believes that they will eventually be able to remove the wool from over the eyes of the world.

Notable Members

  • Gale Barton: Spokesperson for the Truth. Gale is very much a morning person and has been asked several times by The Neighbourhood Watch to keep their “broadcasts” to an acceptable volume whilst people are sleeping.
  • Breeze Barton: Lead investigator and secretive individual. Breeze is much more reserved than Gale and prefers to keep his role in events on the down low. However he is always the most eager and excited to hunt down new leads.
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