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The Signs

While the various signs around the city were the only source of artificial light, the usual cycle of weather, adverts and random flashes of light (presumably due to malfunctions in the system) meant you didn't look at them that closely. The dramatic change to a countdown, and an arrow, pointing off in some direction one day immediately drew your attention.. Exploring further, you noticed similar signs elsewhere in the decaying infrastructure, all with the same countdown, and pointing towards something.

It seems you weren't the only one to notice, and - as the timer drew ever closer to zero - more gathered as they followed the signs to the destination. If you're honest with yourself, you couldn't say entirely why you followed them, but be it curiosity, or just following others, eventually your reached the end of the trail.

A large chamber; mostly in tact, is adorned with more signs, indicating that this is where you are supposed to be. You stay back, wary of all the other people standing back to witness what was to happen. A few of the more brave of the spectators ventured forth into the chamber, awaiting the end of the countdown. Everyone held their breath as they watched and waited.

An argument breaks out inside the room. It's not clear why, but it quickly escalates, fists being raised. As soon as the first punch is thrown, shots of light from turrets mounted in the ceilings meet the two fighters before the punch lands, the two falling to the floor unconscious. Silence purveys the area, but the two get to their feet after a moment, eyeing each other suspiciously. It seems whatever this building was for, it has some kind of anti-aggression system in place, neutralising any fights that break out.

With safety slightly more assured, more people venture towards the area, as the countdown reaches zero.

TIME IN - Session will begin at this point in time. Feel free to generate a character, and we'll see you at session 1!

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