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The Humanitarian Movement

“I learned what plants are poisonous by finding bodies next to them. I learned that what buildings remain are often unstable because I saw one collapse on a group of people. Thousands of us have died in the first week alone, and since then, tens of thousands more have died, starving because they could not gather food, poisoned because they could not tell what is edible and what is poisonous, crushed because their shelter was unstable, from exposure because it was poorly built… the list goes on. Too many of us have died in the wake of society's collapse, too many of us could not, cannot fend for ourselves. I decided I would not stand for it. I will not stand by while my fellow man falls to the uncaring elements. I decided I would help those who cannot help themselves. You can too - join the Humanitarian Movement.”
—Recruitment pitch for the Humanitarian Movement, carved into walls and slabs of debris around several popular water sources.


The Humanitarian Movement is a group of survivors who decided to help those who are unable to provide for themselves in the post-apocalyptic situation. They freely provide shelter to anyone (so long as they don't mind sharing it with a bunch of strangers), as well as food (but help with the dishes!), firewood (your fire watch shift is the third in two nights' time, okay?), and anything else needed to survive. While scraping by and struggling to provide for everyone, they insist on trying to set things up to support everyone in the long term.

They have claimed a sector of the ruins for themselves, where they build their shelters, cook food and treat injuries.
The Humanitarians have succeeded in scavenging various makeshift pots, bowls and cutlery, and use them to cook a mix of Reserves' food, collected plants and hunted animals.


The Humanitarians as a collective don't care what the world was like before. They don't care what happened to it. Those are questions for the future, right now, they care only for survival. Philosophy can wait until everyone has food, shelter and all the other basic amenities.


The Humanitarian Movement is rather disorganised, lacking in any official hierarchy or leadership, for the most part. However, some semblance of leadership is beginning to form, as people naturally gravitate towards those more skilled and knowledgeable, following their lead.

Members generally mostly do what tasks they feel they are best suited for, or else what Ealish tells them to, be it roaming the ruins in search of supplies, plants or trapped animals, building shelter, making tools and snares, cooking or cleaning. More and more people are finding what they are good at, deciding to be explorers, crafters, hunter-gatherers or stewards.

Notable Members

While lacking any official rankings or serious organisation, there are still individuals that stand out among others, for their zeal, efficiency and determination at helping others.

  • Harry Swiftseeker: Lead explorer. Highly energetic, friendly and excitable, Harry knows the plants and animals better than anyone. While more than happy to point anyone at the best places to lay traps for animals or harvest plants for food, Harry is itching to go out and explore beyond the ruins, to rediscover the world and all its wonders.
  • Shrir Evan: With his large, muscular stature, Shrir cuts an imposing figure. But he is a kind and caring soul, more than happy to either lift large chunks of rubble to build a shelter or carefully make a snare.
  • Ealish Tunark: Ealish has basically established herself as head of human resources, ordering members about and handing out tasks for the dependants, always with a cheerful smile and upbeat tone. However, she has no tolerance for slackers, so do your tasks, or you'll wish you had risked it with that purple root…
  • Gordon Cook: Head cook for the Humanitarians, Gordon directs volunteers (and those badgered by Ealish into helping) in the arduous task of feeding all the members and dependants of the movement. While normally quite affable and friendly, he can grow a bit short with his helpers when struggling to meet demands. The food he makes is surprisingly good, for being made of scavenged odds and ends.
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