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Current Situation

Two months in and life has become somewhat routine. Rudimentary shelters have sprung up as people begin constructing more permanent homes to protect them from the elements. Regular enough supplies of food can be found; not enough to gorge on, but enough to get by, meaning you don't have to devote all your time to foraging. As close to “clean” water is relatively plentiful; large reservoirs under the city have become accessible due to the destruction of the city above them, providing relatively safe supplies for everyone. People have begun talking to one another and slowly but surely trust is being established among some people. While attacks for resources are still common, they are a lot less prevalent than they once were.


Technology is all but non-existent. That which has been salvaged is unrecognisable, the original purpose of many things lost to you. Those things which do exist often lack power to do anything, and render themselves unusable. Uses have been found for many things, if not their original intended one, though some do strive to uncover the original purpose of these artefacts.

Artificial light is hard to come by. While some have mastered the art of fire (annoyingly little of the ruined world seems to be flammable), few other sources of light or heat are available. The most notable exception to this appears to be a handful of screens dotted around the city, seemingly wired into the infrastructure itself. They display a few things like local weather reports, adverts for mysterious products, and other random bits of data.

There are rumours of fancy energy-based weapons that have been salvaged, though in various states of disrepair and just as likely to injure you as your target. Most people resort to blunt weapons as a reliable tool of battle, whether for defending your shelter from other people, or fending off wild animals.

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