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Quirks help define particular interesting features about your character. These can be both positive things (which help your character and can be actively employed) and negative things (which hinder your character and may strike without warning).

They are purchased at Character Creation and can be both acquired and lost in play through various means (but not mechanically through Character Advancement).

At character creation you start with 1 positive Quirk and may take up to an extra 3 positive quirks by taking a matching number of negative Quirks. Each Faction-Inspired Quirks counts as two positive quirks and one negative quirk. All Quirks can only be taken once each. There are no mutually exclusive Quirks.

Personal Quirks

These Quirks relate intrinsically to your character, their skills, physique and personality.

For whatever reason, you've always been a little tougher than the average person. Wounds you incur have a chance of being a level less severe than they should have been.

Glass Jaw (-)

You've never been one to roll with the punches; even the smallest wound can leave you out of the action for a couple of days. Wounds you incur have a chance of being a level more severe than they should have been.

Wealth of Experience (+)

You have retained a broader base of experiences than most people. You start the game with 4 basic skills instead of 3.

Off To A Bad Start (-)

The first few months have taken a rather large toll on you. You start the game with a permanent wound. Be aware that there may not be anybody capable of fixing this for some time.

Animal Magnetism (+)

You have always found that animals are well disposed towards you. Small fluffy animals have been known to nuzzle right up to you whilst large ferocious animals usually give you the benefit of the doubt when you accidentally invade their territory.

Animal Repellent (-)

In your case the stupid beasts always seem to have it out for you. Even harmless pets tend to snarl at you for little apparent reason.

Can't Do It Alone (-)

You didn’t quite get the hang of surviving by yourself like everybody else did. Tasks you try to undertake alone will not go as well as you might expect. Only in a group do you find you live up to your true potential.

Dependant (-)

There is a survivor (NPC) that you are committed to keeping alive as long as possible. They will infrequently need your help in order to achieve this.

Oh Look! I’ve Been Impaled! (-)

You have the inability to feel physical pain. Whilst this sounds like a good thing, it actually results in your body taking a lot more punishment before you even realize that something’s wrong.

Colourblind (-)

You are completely unable to distinguish colours. This may make it harder to find the blue flower with red thorns.

Bad Sense Of Direction (-)

You occasionally go astray when following directions. If given a map you would have it upside down for months without realising it.

Luxury Item (+)

You have managed to scavenge a useful or valuable item or stock of items. Specify what you would like this to be and we will provide you with something as close to your choice as possible that would make sense in the scope of the game. Examples could include a crate of chocolate bars, a machete, or a vial of antibiotics. Requests for working, complex technology are likely to be denied.

Faction-inspired Quirks

These quirks are related to the factions that will be present in the game. However, you do not need to be part of a faction to get their quirk, nor do you need to have the quirk to enter their faction.

These quirks count as 2 positive quirks and 1 negative quirk in one package. This is because they have a strong upside with a mitigating milder downside.

Bureaucrats - Lobbyist (++-)

A word in the right ear often works wonders. You frequently find policies made in your favour or resources invested in your buildings. However as with all these things, the red tape often means these changes will be several months coming.

Heralds - A Singular Purpose (++-)

You are widely known to have dedicated your new life to a given purpose of your choice. You will often find unexpected aid being given to you towards this purpose from other survivors. However aid may not be so forthcoming when searching for help for unrelated tasks.

Humanitarian - Feeding the Five Thousand (++-)

You are able to make the resources you have available to you go further than most. Your buildings will shelter more people, your meals will feed more mouths. However the quality of these projects will often be noticeably lackluster.

Watch - I AM the Law (++-)

You have built up enough trust with the Neighbourhood Watch that they are allowing you the use of one of their makeshift cells. Anyone brought there will be kept under their custody until they see fit to release them. However the Watch expects you to use it both justly and frequently or they may see fit to bring you in for squandering Watch resources.

Children - Nature's Touch (++-)

You are remarkably attuned to the workings of the natural world. Tasks involving the manipulation of organic material will generally go a lot better in your hands. Man-made technology on the other hand often fails you. Perhaps you just don't have the knack for it.

Truth - Tabloid Investigator (++-)

You are at the very forefront of all the burgeoning rumours around Monument. You will often catch hints of a story before anyone else or through unrivaled deduction arrive at unexpected truths. Unfortunately their unverifiable nature often has you accused of scandal-mongering or sensationalism.

Watched - Properly Paranoid (++-)

You have a constant feeling that something is watching you. This awareness frequently allows you to spot danger and avoid surprise attacks. However a lack of sleep sometimes causes you to retaliate before you realize the “danger” was just a friend coming to visit you.

The Mystery Suite

These quirks are aspects of your character that, due to your unfortunate memory loss, you can’t quite remember everything about them. The exact nature of the mystery will vary between players and ultimately be decided by the GM team. If you have a preference for the approximate nature of your mystery, let us know and we may accommodate your request.

Mystery Allergy (-)

You definitely remember you have a very serious allergy to something. Unfortunately you have no idea what it was. You should probably not try too many new things.

Mystery Vice (-)

It will begin to become obvious to you that you are suffering from cravings for something. Unfortunately you can’t quite picture what it is. You should probably try all the new things.

Mystery Ally (+)

Someone out there has got your back. Useful in these troubling times. At least it would be if you actually knew who likes you or why.

Mystery Enemy (-)

Someone out there wants to see you suffer. They may interfere with your work. If only you could remember who it was or why they harbour such hatred.

Mystery History (-)

Unbeknownst to you, you previously had a certain level of infamy. Survivors may find records of your past deeds and even use it against you.

Mystery Talent (+)

You have skills hitherto undiscovered even by yourself. You may find yourself unusually competent at a certain task. This will not be a Basic or Advanced Skill.

Mystery Box (+)

You have something. It could be a full briefcase with a forgotten code, a flash drive with no computer or a strange device with no batteries. You only know that it’s useful and that you are so far unable to utilize it.

Mystery Tattoo (+)

You have a tattoo on your body. It could be a name, a date or a mysterious symbol. It clearly means something. But what exactly?

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