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World's Best Dad - Ben G


World's Best Dad woke up with his destiny printed on his pudgy chest, and a dream ready-made in his balding head. He is a middle aged man, and his ultimate dream is to track down his lost children in the new apocalyptic world. World's Best Dad has no memory of actually having children, and indeed he could have 3 or 50 or zero, but damn if he isn't gonna look for them - after all, why would the shirt lie? Apart from his trademark tee, his prized possession is his riding lawnmower, a vehicle that our hero mostly uses to roam around the streets of Dunia in a never ending hunt for his lost kids. As modes of transport go it is an extremely ineffectual one, but for World's Best Dad it is a reminder of his destiny, and makes him feel nostalgic for a time he can't quite remember.

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