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The Heralds of New Dunia - Faction Brief

The Heralds don't keep much of what they discuss from the ears of those outside the faction. With the Heralds looking to share their ideals with as many as they can, secrecy is seen as counterproductive. However, being in the faction puts you closest to the plans of other Heralds as they are formed, and their beliefs as they are voiced. There are also certain beliefs which Heralds commonly hold.

What makes a good Herald?

In short, a good Herald makes the most of themselves, perhaps by adhering to a purpose, and encourages others to do the same. This is repeated more frequently by Freeman Serrano and his associated hangers-on, who especially emphasise the latter part in the hope of adding new members to the Heralds' ranks. Moreover, if a Herald doesn't pursue a purpose, they can find someone else in need of help achieving their own goals.

Presently, recruiting new Heralds is often done in Monument's most crowded places, like the Courtyard and in front of the tallest buildings, where many survivors live. It's a common tactic for groups of several Heralds to go together, inviting passers-by into the gaggle if they seem to respond positively to whatever the Heralds are discussing or doing at the time. Now that Monument's occupants now looking beyond the city's ruins, the Heralds also have an interest in setting out to propagate their philosophy in parts as yet unknown.

What should be done with old things?

This is a matter of debate among the Heralds, . The group stands against the reinstatement of relics that have survived the catastrophe in principle, but in practice Dunia has a great deal of salvage that most survivors make some use of.

This is a trivial concern for some members, who use whatever they find in Monument, just like everybody else. For others who have stopped to consider the matter at greater length, the important question is not how all of these things can be avoided, but how they can be put to the best possible use. Given enough sheet metal, one might look to create the best possible dwelling one can (even if it's still just cobbled together from scrap). For this reason, the Heralds think of ingenuity as a valuable asset. Of course, a very small minority doggedly shun whatever survives the apocalypse to the fullest extent they can. Such an ad absurdum approach to the Heralds' philosophy clearly isn't doing wonders for these members' survival.

What should happen to the world at large?

Another matter of some debate. There are quite a few Heralds who reject anyone making a claim to legitimate authority. This is a notion that seems to have always had some kind of traction within the Heralds, but not to the point of being widely adopted. Heralds who take the issue of who runs Dunia more seriously (Petra Boyanova, for instance) think that some formal alternative system of governance should be offered to the authority of the Bureaucrats and the Neighbourhood Watch. However, the Heralds are not solely a political group, and this has made them slow to devise anything concrete.

Notable Members


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