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Adverse Camber Eternity

Many argue that the armourascal was the first of Aretz's species to be domesticated by the Dunians. Records state that as early as half a year after the Dunians began regaining their memories one member befriended a young armourascal and raised it, aiding others in doing the same. The records suggest they were tamed for the purpose of companionship, but soon were found to be useful for assisting in construction, guarding, tracking and combat, which lead to breeding programmes that produced the oldest breeds known today, optimised for the various tasks they were used for…

-Dunian Domestication by Helen Swiftseeker

One of the most prominent of the figures in the history of the Sons, Daughters, and Children was Adverse Camber, who provided a calm presence and innovated many workarounds to the faith's ban on technology. A proponent of animal labour and prodigious tamer, she helped build homes and temples for those of the faith who could not stand technology. There are those amongst the Sons, Daughters, and Children who emulate her, taking a vow of silence and living closely with animals as a way of being closer to nature.

-Faith in the Wake of Disaster, a History of Dunian Religion on Aretz

They flew through the sky, vast forests stretching below them. To their left was the Dark Sibling, their sharp eyes taking in all the details of the ground below. To their right was the Colourful Sibling, ascending and descending and spinning around, letting out trills of joy that can likely be heard all the way on the ground. They preferred a calm flight, simply riding the currents, feeling the wind through their feathers…

A whistle cuts through their thoughts, brought up from the ground below. They dive, and their siblings do the same, all six wings pressed to their bodies. As the trees drew close, they spread them out, seeing the Dark Sibling do the same as they slowed their descent. The Colourful Sibling, of course, waited until the last moment, angling their wings to skim the tops of the trees instead of stopping.

They circle down, through the canopy, and land on the offered wing. They slither up Mother's wing, burying their head in her white feathers and wrapping their body around her shoulders. The Dark Sibling and Colourful Sibling soon land also, wrapping around Mother's wings. Cirrus sticks their tongue out- this is their Mother, they get the best nesting spot.

Mother bears her teeth and scratches Colourful's head. You're reckless the scratches seem to say. Mother is very good at speaking without speaking but I love you still.

Cirrus is a big serpent, they're almost as thick as Mother's front wings and almost as long as her. Soon the three of them are flying around Mother as they return to the grey forest where the strange creatures like Mother live. But they worry, for Mother is small and seems to be getting weaker. She cannot hold them for as long as she once could, and Cirrus remembers that once Mother's feathers were not white, her soft skin as smooth as their scales rather than wrinkly. Mother used to stand taller, her spine straight, and her whistles were clearer.

Mother senses their worry, and beckons them to her. It's alright Mother's scratches say. Mother is still here, and you will be fine once I'm not. You're a big Serpent now, aren't you? The three of you will be fine.

Cirrus nuzzles Mother's ear. But I'll miss you. Just like Colourful and Dark miss their Mothers.

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