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The latest innovation from Hyperion Industries is set to blow all previous innovations out of the sky. We’ve heard rumours about what combining Heizar and Dunian technology can do and this has outdone them all. This latest technological marvel from Alex himself fuses the dense energy storage and release aspects of Dunian tech with the waveform manipulation crystal ideas from Heizar tech. The result is fantastic. A device the size and weight of a heavy backpack is capable of releasing a steady output of dense energy waves in a constant sphere around the bearer. The resulting barrier is robust enough to protect the user from all forms of physical harm. Reportedly it is even capable of deflecting shots from the fearsome energy guns as well as Heizar light-glaives! It really is a dazzling sight to see. Alex has even managed to get the light-sphere to project an identifying “H” at the back of the sphere. Is he just showing off at this point? Either way projected demand for this newest E-Tech innovation is through the roof. Not satisfied with just this, Alex has declared that he is not stopping here and intends to test the limits of possibility. I imagine they’re going to need more factories.

— Ours Techinica Front Page Special

Citizens of Monument I have BREAKING NEWS! Ecologists have been warning of this for several years now but FLYSCENSES HAVE OFFICIALLY GONE EXTINCT! Not a single flyscense has been spotted on the continent of Monument in the last month. CHARRED REMAINS have been found all over the place but nobody knows who or what has done this. UNTIL NOW! I can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL my findings on this MYSTERIOUS EVENT. I shadowed one of the last flyscenses all over the place in my dedication to unveil THE TRUTH! I followed it for days and then I saw it. A FLASH OF LIGHT BURNED IT IN FRONT OF MY EYES. Rushing to the source of the light, I came across a MYSTERIOUS TURRET. It looked at me but LET ME GO! There’s only one conclusion to make here. THE MACHINES HAVE GAINED SENTIENCE. Hopefully they won’t COME FOR US! Anyway that’s all for today, Jude says I should probably eat or sleep or something. UNTIL NEXT TIME!

— Gale Barton’s “All times of day news” broadcast to all working screens in Monument

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