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“While the extent of the criminal gang known as the Teardrops' influence was never fully uncovered, the charges levied against Matteo Casiano were enough to earn him a death sentence from the judge of the time, A Protector Of Law And Order, or Apollo as he was known. After one successful escape with the aid of Numba 1 G Selim - formerly known as Miles Kent of the Neighbourhood Watch, the proto-police of the time - he was recaptured by a group of the Watch led by famous law-maker Apollo, and Read Instructions First, the founder of our police force today.

“After his recapture, the man who stood on the other side of the near Civil War in the early days of Monument was put to death in the Thunderdome by Read Instruction First himself. Those who witnessed the fight noted its brutality, with both combatants well versed in fighting. Meanwhile, Miles Kent was arrested and charged with subverting the course of justice…”

-A History of Monument by Maurice Antigny

“Coming soon, to New Monument, the touching story of how one man survived the apocalypse and found friendship in an armourascal, a friendship that later came to forge the police academy for armourascals. A tale of love between animal and man in an unforgiving world…”

-Trailer for the popular film 'Tony & Me'

“Of course, much of the early precedent set was made by A Protector Of Law and Order who presided over a number of landmark cases. The rulings, alongside his great legislative work, were instrumental in closing a number of loopholes in law, including the infamous 'definition of dead' case, as we've already covered.

“Now, his efforts were obviously frustrated by his long term political rival, Vice Governor, who championed looser laws and more lenient sentencing. The two shared many friendly debates over the years and we'll be looking into those further during this module…”

-Lecture at the University of Monument, on The History of Law

Apollo: It's good to hear your community is coming along well.
Fire Blanket: You see, this does work. You don't need authority.
Apollo: Yes. I still think it is better to have law and order but I can see we will never agree on this. Fire Blanket: I think we won't.

-Correspondence recorded between New Monument and The Anarchist Commune


The years pass, but you never stop visiting. The Memorial is beautiful, befitting the founders of the Architects, depicting Guinevere and Moonlight prominently. It stands at the heart of your new city and thousands pass it every day. You sit on the bench and remember. It's been years but you can still remember clearly the plays Moonlight used to host.

You think they'd be proud of the city you created together.

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