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“Of course, their career pioneering therapism was somewhat hampered when it came out that before the crash they had been accused of stalking one of their patients and was forced to take a leave of absence from their work. Evidence was never found on the case either way, and eventually the matter was put aside due to their great strides forward in the field…”

-The Development of Therapism, by Charming Child


Case Study 459

The patient is obviously repressing quite a lot of emotions. They're refusing to admit that this double life they're leading is causing them quite a lot of stress, particularly as they're on quite a difficult infiltration mission currently. I'm employing a new technique, asking them to identify abstract images in the hopes they'll project their real emotions on to them. I've been dabbing ink on pages and it seems to be working…“


“Selene Rivkin, otherwise known as Conjectures Into Truth, Compassion in Cooperation, Dreaming Perfection, and Colours in the Wind, though best known for their work in therapy was a vocal advocate for cooperation between the settlers of New Monument and the Heizar in the Old City and was influential in calming tensions between the two. Their personal ties to a number of people in both communities was said to ease this process. Fluent in Heizar, they acted as a therapist to a number of Heizar, helping them cope with the trauma they had been through in the apocalypse…”

-The History Of Monument, by Maurice Antigny


“This year's fire festival was a rip-roaring success, with more attendees than ever! The rather fetching effigies were made this time by Colours in the Wind and where in the likeness of once feared cultist turned saviour of the City, Noneapple, and true to their name, the colours they burnt were spectacular.

“This reporter gives the festival five out of five and looks forward to seeing how the organisers outdo themselves next year!”

-Small article in the Monument Daily Tribune


Dearest Ray,

I'm glad your writing is going well. I'm looking forward to reading it when it's done, even if it might mean reliving some things. But I think it'll be good for me.

I've been working on more techniques to help people cope with trauma. Hypnosis seems to be working as a way to get people to talk about things they wouldn't honestly otherwise, and no, no one is using this to get information. I've not published any methods yet. But it lets me understand people and then I can help them better. Only with their permission, of course.

Anyway, I should be coming home soon for a while. I've just got a little bit of business I need to finish up. I'll tell you more when I'm there.

I know. I miss you too. I'll be with you soon.

All my love,


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