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Memo F55Q3 Clearance Level: Blue

Subject Operations Manager General Forest River Gem

Despite their commendable efforts on the Dunian work program, it is believed that they have become too close to the flesh-people. While their initial efforts in infiltrating the flesh-people was a marked success, including the requisitioning of a reactor core from their crashed ship, we must re-evaluate their position as a senior member of the international investigations unit.

It has been noted by their colleagues that Forest River Gem appears to have grown rather fond of the flesh-people, and this may pose a security risk to the Hegemony going forward. they have occasionally been found to be socialising among the flesh-people outside of specifically designated infiltration periods.

While no evidence has been found linking Forest River Gem to the collapse of the flesh-person worker program, investigations are still ongoing, and this report concludes that it is better to cut them from the project, rather than leaving an ongoing risk to the security of the Hegemony.

Whether they should be allowed to return to the Hegemony with a much lower rank should be discussed among the relevant coordinators, but with recorded contact with other Heizar groups even this move could pose further security risks, and a full separation from the Hegemony is the safest option at this time.

End Report.

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