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Now the Architects Movement has had its fair share of inspirational leaders. An unbroken chain of bright thinking visionaries, each of whom has made an impact on the City in a different way. Each of whom has seen the potential, the spark of perfection that exists inside every one of us. But it is undoubtedly the first of these leaders who has had the greatest impact on the organization, and on the city as a whole.

Guinevere Mentham founded this Order on a dream of glory in a City of rubble. She witnessed this Great City in its darkest hours, and perhaps this is what allowed her to see the light of perfection so clearly. Where contemporaries were still struggling for power or influence, she strove for civic improvement. The schools, the roads, the early homes. These were the foundations laid by our founder so that we can build ever higher.

It was of course a tragedy when the accident befell her. The founder and her Greatest Champions perishing in a ball of flame. But from these ashes, a new flame soon arose. A new leader with a new approach, but with the same burning desire to see this city flourish. It is the same inexhaustible flame that exists within each of you, within all of us. Maybe in the future it will be one of you who carry the torch of Grand Architect.

I know you have the potential.

— Orientation speech given to new recruits of the Architects.

The Greater Monument road network was finally finished 9 years post remembrance to much applause and appreciative flashing from Dunian and Heizar alike. It was an ambitious project by nature, aiming to link all settlements of the Central Continent. It took constant toil, both physically and diplomatically to bring the idea to completion and couldn’t have been done without the hard work of the Architects and their compatriots. It was certainly a worthy task. Settlements as small as a Heizar forest village are now interconnected with everyone else. These roads bring supplies, food and ideas closer together than ever for all to share.

Asked about their next project an Architect spokesperson described the construction of great Z-wing Ports outside major cities all over the globe. It seems the world shall be growing ever closer in the future. For better or worse.

— News article in the Monument Daily Tribune

“On the 6th anniversary of Remembrance Day, Jude Mentham officially opened this plant on behalf of the Mentham Foundation. Dedicated to Guinevere Mentham.”

—Plaque outside Sector 5 Water Futures Filtration Plant

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