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House-For-Sale Eternity

The Commune's hospital was set up by one Doctor House-For-Sale, who organised lessons for aspiring doctors and healers and was the first to offer lessons in Dunian anatomy to Heizar, a somewhat controversial decision protested by some of the people of Monument. However, since House worked in the Anarchist Commune, such protestations were ignored.

-An excerpt from The History of the Anarchist Commune

“Well, I hope that wasn't your favourite arm!” Dr House says as she pulls out her bonesaw, which is encrusted with dried blood.
“If there is no other way, Doc, then do what you must.”
“Well, I
could just have you chew this leaf and give you a couple of stitches, but this way is so much more fun!”

-A scene from the film Shambler Shenanigans

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