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“In the inaugural pancontintenal Death Race today, Jude Mentham was declared winner. Few are surprised, given his performance in the Monument races, although it was by no means clear whether he would perform as well across the various terrains in this race. It was a tense finish, but shortly after the last swamp bank Jude pulled ahead of his nearest rivals, Diesel and Sheena 'Shenanigans' Shen. Fans cheered as Jude's truck tore into view, skidding on slimy wheels and weeds flying everywhere. The season ends with Sheena in second place, and Diesel in third place. In his trophy acceptance speech, Jude thanked his family and pledged to donate some of the proceeds from the pancontinental Death Race to the Architects Foundation, which continues to improve Monument's infrastructure.

“Following on from the popularity of the original races around Monument, the expansion of truck racing has been rapid. With the upsurge in public interest in Jude, helped no doubt by the association of the Mentham family with public works such as the Mentham Roads, the audiences for the races have grown again this season. Jude has helped nurture a growing number of truckers, and what technological advances have we seen in racing vehicles in the last two years! but as many say, despite support and mentoring from George Mentham and access to the latest tech in trucks, that's not why he's a Champion - once he gets behind the wheel, it's all Jude Mentham!

“So there you have it, folks! Once again, Jude Mentham is crowned Champion of the world's first pancontinental Death Race! This reporter bets that it'll be a good while before anyone else takes the top spot!”

-Reporter Bits'n'Bob, for Sports Media Monument

“Jude! JUDE! Jude Mentham! If you have a passion for DEATH RACING, if you want to find out more about the father and undisputed champion of DEATH RACES, or if you're curious how it feels to be flying down the track in a DEATH RACE, read on! If you haven't heard of JUDE MENTHAM, then OH GODS THE APOCALYPSE HAS HAPPENED AGAIN!”

-Front page of the “Jude's Crew!” fanclub leaflet.

“JUDE'S CREW” -Writing on badges worn by members of Jude's Crew! fanclub. The badges are brightly coloured and poor quality.

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