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Maurice Antigny - Eternity

An Announcement

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the formation of the New Monument Government. The recent near-disaster has proven that in times of great need, we can unite and make great things happen. So today all the disparate groups who have tried to run our beloved city in their own way have come together with the singular purpose of turning Monument into a city we can be proud of.

Our new constitution has been signed by representatives for each of Monuments main sectors, as well as the following representatives of the founding groups:

  • Maurice Antigny - The Bureaucrats
  • Gordon Jameson - The Neighbourhood Watch
  • Gale Barton - The Truth
  • Ealish Tunark - The Humanitarians

We have lost much over recent years, but today we vow to make the future worth the effort every last person here has put in to preserve it.

Antigny, M - A History of Monument

Maurice Antigny's account of Monument's formative years comes highly recommended for anyone wishing to learn more about the history of the city. One of the founders of the Architects, Antigny was an incredibly influential figure of the time, responsible for laying the foundations for what would ultimately become the modern education and political systems.

The book itself makes use of numerous second hand sources, providing a multi-faceted view of those turbulent times, but reviews of the book argue that where it truly shines is in the first-hand accounts and anecdotes of the early days of the Bureaucracy which serve to bring many well known historical figures to life.

To this day, Antigny's work remains one of the definitive texts for history students.

-An extract from the Academy's reading list.

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