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Miles Kent - Eternity

Arrest Report


Arrested: Numba 1 G Selim
Arresting Officer(s): Apollo
Crime: Drunken misconduct, reckless endangerment of others


  • On arrest, Selim was revealed to be Miles Kent, formerly of the Neighbourhood Watch
  • Arrested after crashing a gold-painted cart into the rockets outside Monument.
  • Known associates of Selim were found attempting to gain access to the rockets, but were also arrested by the Watch.

One Last Hurrah

“Did you hear? Kent and those goons of his tried to break out of Trident.”

“Might have heard something, but I missed most of it. How'd it go down?”

“Craziest thing. Apparently they'd managed to get alcohol smuggled into the prison, and they were all roaring drunk when they decided to make their escape. I've never seen anything quite like it since The Pub Crawl. You know the one?”

“Of course. Nobody's going to forget that.”

“So yeah, massive drunken riot. We're able to get things under control, but not before a few of our own end up in the medical wing.”

“Ouch. So, what happened to Kent?”

“Now here's where it gets weird. With my own two eyes, I saw him getting patched up after things had gotten. Took some nasty injuries. But then Bruck shows up saying he actually died in the conflict.”

“Wait, you don't think she…”

“Course she fucking did, but I'm not going to be the one to call her out on it. Are you?”

“…Yeah, I'll pass.”

-A discussion between two Neighbourhood Watch guards.

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