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“There have been many different works written on the entertainer of early Monument, known as Moonlight. His popularity and charisma were renowned, but he still cuts a strange figure in the course of our history. Accused of being ostentatious as a politician, his shows, particularly his final concert in the wake of the Massacre at the Canyon, were always over-the-top affairs that drew in crowds from all around, and some historians have called this an example of popularism.

“However, it would be arguable to hold the position that this is no bad thing. In a time where the city was at it's most bleak, he gave hope and joy to hundreds if not thousands, by making them believe in a better city. And whilst his actions may have been questioned, his part in the downfall in the leader of the Teardrop gang, Afia Nakato, there are few better examples in history of someone who touched quite so many life with such happiness.

“His work with the Architects lives on as they continue to mould the city around us, with the ethos of building the perfect city still at heart, even if most now agree such a dream is impossible. But aspirations are what keep a populous moving and mobilising people was something at which Moonlight was excellent.

“Furthermore the legacy he left the city was one of theatre and art. Unlike so many bureaucrats, his flair meant not only did he embody the love of culture, but he embedded it in our own. The Theatre he made still stands today in the Old City and since improving relations with the Heizar - in the spirit of first unity festival - and the explanation of the concept of theatre, they have held a number of beautiful lights shows, proving that he has not only shaped our community but the world we live in.

“Whatever else history may say, Moonlight had an irrevocable influence on our lives. He was truly iconic. ”

-Sculpting the Culture of Monument, by Clear Roads


The Memorial is beautiful, befitting the founders of the Architects, depicting Guinevere and Moonlight prominently. It stands at the heart of the new city and thousands pass it every day. Made of white marble and standing tall in the square. Inscribed at the bottom of the plinth, it reads 'Dedicated to the founder of the Architects and the shapers of Monuments. For the city, they will always remain idols.'

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