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Ultimately, it is unclear as to whether Nine's move to the Commune was due to possible pressures from laws around his work, but the new environment did not in anyway diminish his continued output. At the time, Nine's factories were renowned for their output; one of the first major operations set up in Monument following the crash.

The move to robotics seems almost inevitable in hindsight, but at the time it was a masterstroke, alongside the various compatriots who assisted in the project to so drastically shape our society. The creation of robot bodies with Dunian or Heizar minds is an incredible achievement, and while there are many who find the practice a little odd, it is a key moment in the history of Dunian society that should not be overlooked.

A more minor footnote in this story is that of Hyperion's continued output of weaponry. This venture seemed to be less successful than his previous attempts - odd considering the experience he had in the field. However the truth makes for interesting reading; until now a relatively obscure piece of knowledge due to extensive PR cover-ups at the time. The factories sustained several setbacks; including several instances of arson by a still unknown group of assailants. It is suspected this was somehow related to the curtailing of the weapons market both in the Commune and Monument during this period by mysterious organisations.

Weather the intention was to reduce the number of guns available to people in general, or simply an attempt to seize control of guns in both cities, the Hyperion prevailed, and still remain one of the largest companies in the world.

A History of Post-Crash Business Keep Out Of Reach

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