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Conjectures Into Truth: You don't have to do this, you know.
Noneapple: I want to. I have to… atone for what I've done somehow.
CIT: Think of everyone you're leaving behind!
Noneapple: They'll be better off without me!
CIT: What… What about me?
Noneapple: I… I don't want to leave you but you'll… you'll be okay.
CIT: I… I understand. You… you should do what you have to do.
Noneapple: Sun's blessings be with you.
CIT: And you.

They embrace before Noneapple turns to the doors of the Reactor.

Noneapple: Open them.

-A scene from popular film 'The last days of the Fire Cult'


“Few historical figures are as devise as Noneapple. Saviour or Criminal, is the question so often asked. My argument today is that she was both…

“Of course, it is hard to imagine that the Fire Cult that terrorised Monument in it's early days would have grown so large had it not been for the proselytizing of Noneapple, and that Cult under he command did untold damage to the City…

“Those who knew her, reported her as a kind-hearted soul whose only memories were of fire, and so she built her life around it. Under the sway of charismatic leader, Munia, many have said she cannot be blamed for her actions. I would argue this is too simplistic as it strips her of her autonomy. She still chose to set alight the City causing hundreds of hours worth of damage…

“In the end, she will be remembered as a complex person who, though she may have brought about destruction, ultimately sacrificed her life for the survival of the City and of the non-believers who populated it…”

-Extracts from 'A History of Cults in Monument'


“This year's fire festival was a rip-roaring success, with more attendees than ever! The rather fetching effigies were made this time by Colours in the Wind and where in the likeness of once feared cultist turned saviour of the City, Noneapple, and true to their name, the colours they burnt were spectacular.

“This reporter gives the festival five out of five and looks forward to seeing how the organisers outdo themselves next year!”

-Small article in the Monument Daily Tribune

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