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Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to sorely apologise for the segment in our last newsletter about the “Pastel Club” that will be starting up this term. The club was meant to celebrate friendship and coming together, something we definitely want to promote in the school. However as it has been pointed out to us, Pastel might not be the best role model for our students, and we will be renaming the club accordingly.

We have also decided to include a module on Pastel in history for the later years, reflecting on both the positive aspects of her (including the Radio Shows and her general friendliness and support) and some of the bad things (Fleur Mercier). We will encourage students to use their critical thinking skills and use this as a basis for a discussion on Morals.

We are sorry if we have upset anyone with the naming of this club, and hope that those concerned will join us for our first session next week to alleviate any worries.

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