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0.1355.34 - Edit History - Revisions Locked

Ok people, I can't believe I'm having to lock the page on Piper Mentham. I mean seriously, how is this causing an edit war. Ok there is some scepticism about whether or not she caused the deaths of Guinevere Mentham, Moonlight and Jasminder 100%, but there is definitely evidence so can you stop removing that article link. The examination of the wreckage did show some damage to the Z-wing they were travelling in, and Piper is known to have had relevant skills. this is a place for factual information not favouritism.

You also need to stop deleting anything good that Piper was involved in. She definitely was a major player in the design of the 10 rockets, and edits that emphasise how great her getting killed while deleting the bits about her making the rockets WHERE SHE DIED are really missing the point. Jokes about her “falling from grace” off a tower aren't nearly as funny as you think, and definitely aren't appropriate for this site.

Whoever was deleting the section on Piper's early work with the Bureaucrats needs to actually look at the sources they are deleting; they clearly document Piper being a key member of both sorting out the Bureaucrats early Crises, and assistance in the formation of the Council.

If anyone thinks they have a legitimate edit that needs to be made to the page, contact the administrators.

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