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External shot: A street somewhere in Monument, people dancing behind the presenter

For those of you unfamiliar with Monument tradition, today is the 10th Monument Festival, a big milestone for the event. for those of you for whom this is the first of the Festivals you've attended, you are in for a treat. Most of the city is expected to turn out for the music, dancing, food and drink that has returned year after year to the celebrations.

Initially run as a one-off party to celebrate the city following the division between old and new monument, the event has become an annual affair following the popularity of the original, seen as many as a great way to look for the positives even when the city is being rebuilt. Of course the celebration is also expected to bring a record number of Heizar into the mix to join the festivities, a sign of the ever growing diversity of the Monument population as the divide between the old and new city slowly becomes more relaxed.

It is not clear if Rain will be attending this year's celebrations - after organisational lead in the first celebration, they have taken a back seat in previous years; instead opting for a quiet life of farming rather than becoming a big name in the city. However it would be remiss of us to forget this wonderful figure and the joy they've brought to all the people of Monument.

The presenter turns away and begins dancing with the crowds

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