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You gather in the Sky Temple which now borders Heizar territory to give your final sermon. A few hundred gather to listen to you give your final speech.

It's been years since this began, since you gave your first speech and gathered people together to began to build these rockets. Over the years, you have cultivated something quite remarkable. The devotion of these people, the starstruck gaze as they look out into the Night, the longing. You begin to speak.

“Thank you all for being here today,” your voice is quiet and steady. “Tonight, we begin our journey. Our voyage back to the Sky and into the Endless Night. Some of you will venture towards Dunia, where we came from. Some of you will venture into the Unknown.

The crowd's eyes fall on you, their gaze gentle and hopeful and you give them hope…

And you finish, “May the Night grant you all peace.”

You head towards the rockets.

Your book is in your coat pocket, close to your heart, so if anyone ever finds you they will understand. But you are ready to sleep forever. Ray's books are distributed. The others will arrive home with their history of Monument; something to stop the forgetting from happening again.

You've said your goodbyes, for whatever they are worth. Leaders Bridge, who helped work on the rockets over the years and shared with you some ideas about cryosleep, is staying behind with their creations. Nyx and Aurora have grown big now but they still remember you. They are sad to see you go. The goodbye with Ray was short. She looked like there was more she might say but it was time only for goodbyes.

From inside your vessel, you watch as the others file into their own and begin to lay carefully down in blessed sleep. You watch as fire begins to stream out of the jets and the rockets begin to ascend.

You look up at the Sky. It has been so long since you touched so close to peace. In your mind, you can see that girl's face, so vacant and empty. You climb into your chamber and press the button. Cold begins to seep through but only for a moment.

Then, there is nothing but darkness.


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