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Read Instructions First - Eternity

“While the extent of the criminal gang known as the Teardrops' influence was never fully uncovered, the charges levied against Matteo Casiano were enough to earn him a death sentence from the judge of the time, A Protector Of Law And Order, or Apollo as he was known. After one successful escape with the aid of Numba 1 G Selim - formerly known as Miles Kent of the Neighbourhood Watch, the proto-police of the time - he was recaptured by a group of the Watch led by famous law-maker Apollo, and Read Instructions First, the founder of our police force today.

“After his recapture, the man who stood on the other side of the near Civil War in the early days of Monument was put to death in the Thunderdome by Read Instruction First himself. Those who witnessed the fight noted its brutality, with both combatants well versed in fighting. Meanwhile, Miles Kent was arrested and charged with subverting the course of justice…”

-A History of Monument by Maurice Antigny

“During Monument’s so-called ‘pre-Heizar’ era, tensions were rumoured to be brewing in the Neighbourhood Watch under the leadership of Jameson and his second-in-command, Abigail Bruck. Concrete information is patchy here owing to a lack of contemporary records, but surviving material from the period indicates that the main point of contention was the ethics of police procedure.

With the ceding of north Monument to its former Heizar inhabitants, the remaining Dunian population became more integrated. As daily life became more stable for its inhabitants, it became easier to decide on how policing would best be accomplished going forward. A great deal of the groundwork in this regard was done by Read Instructions First, a Neighbourhood Watch officer who strove to find common ground between the rest of the city’s leaders on this front. His influence on the day-to-day running of the Watch and the conduct of its members was key in establishing his organization as a legitimate peacekeeping force among Monument’s citizens.”

- from a book on the history of Monument, written anonymously

“The Commune was quick to foster links with the Neighbourhood Watch, despite the former’s rejection of authority. The Commune’s founder, Fire Blanket, was notably sceptical of implementing rules as a matter of general principle. Nonetheless, many of the Watch’s more prominent members endeavoured to keep the people of the Commune safe to the full extent of their abilities, the settlement’s inherent lawlessness notwithstanding. The Commune thus enjoyed the Watch’s protection in the face of external threat…”

- The History of the Anarchist Commune

“Who in the hell was getting themselves processed a while ago? The one with the crazy tattoos, screaming about a Second Impact and the end of days?”

“Yeah, they’re only like that now we’ve stopped them setting anything else on fire. You’ll never guess how they bagged ‘em.”

“I suppose you’re going to tell me.”

“So, I only heard this from a friend who happened to be nearby, but. There was this huge argument between our guys and the crazy cult our dude here was a part of. Things were getting out of control – a few houses caught alight, they were throwing glass all over the place, and we were trying to get them to practice their metaphysical beliefs like sensible people.”

“And what happened next?”

“So someone pulls out a piece of paper that makes them out to be a proper organized cult, that gives them some kind of waiver? They were claiming some kind of paperwork let them off, anyhow. Then one of ours, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, decided he didn't want to wait for someone to run this past the bureaucracy. He broke rank, grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and dragged them all the way back to the Trident. Nobody here’s too sure what to do with him – but the guy who made the arrest said it was pretty self-explanatory…”

- overheard in the Trident

Getting there has been a matter of years, but it’s been worth it to see a city where the people can eat without stealing and walk the streets without fear of the unquiet dead. Read still surveys its streets on patrol, ready for action where he’s needed most. But for now – at least as far as the bad guys are concerned – he keeps himself out of sight, and out of mind…

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