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Grief, o-oh Grief! We love you. We crave you. We need Grief

Hi everyone, I’m Li’l Fabulous and I’m here to talk to you about the fantastic Grief opportunities that you could be enjoying at any time.

Fancy a bite to eat? There’s the original Grief Restaurant, the oldest restaurant in the world! Come try our delicious freshly caught dishes and convivial atmosphere.

Need a drink? Well stop by at a local Grief Saloon. We’ve got enough intoxicating beverages to wash any of your problems away. Hey you might even catch our founder, the Remus Craw, on a warm summer evening.

You can even dress in Grief! Grief clothing stores are now open in every Sector of the City. With options from bright and Fabulous to daring and debonair, you can find something to suit your style today.

It goes without saying that all are welcome, Dunian and Heizar. Our entertainers are trained to bring Grief in any language. Grief really does bring us together.

If you want to join me and Father Fabulous then just ask about our Fabulous loans. We can get you up and running with no problems. Soon you too will be sharing in Grief.

This week we’re running a special promotion. Anyone who looks like me gets an all expenses paid experience of Grief! Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

Grief, o-oh Grief! We love you. We crave you. We need Grief

— A typical advertisement heard on Crystadyne Radio in Monument

Well projections for the third quarter show a continued increase in both demand and supply of Grief and Grief related products. At this point I believe we have the food & entertainment market completely covered in Monument. Customer surveys indicate that Grief is constantly in the minds of the majority of the population due to sheer saturation of stores, venues and mobile Grief carts. The impact of the the latest slogan “What merry Grief have you wrought today?” has shown encouraging promise. Well done team.

Now I present to you our latest venture. A state of the art theatre come restaurant experience in the heart of the Hegemony! This is an important step for spreading Grief as far as possible. Indeed I believe we are the first Dunian business being granted trading rights in a Heizar city. We have secured a prime location and are basing the design of the building on the old Moonlight theatre. It’s going to be a hit. I’ve been practising my Heizar comedy routines. These WordSearch translators sure make it easier. Anyway I shall be selecting a lucky few of you to be the staff of the new location.

Ah, yes we’re going to have to draw straws.

— Shareholder meeting of Grief Eternal LTD.

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