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What the Hell was the Life and Times of Fleur De Mercier

Fleur was, as you may have realised, an actor. She starred in one of the most popular B-movie action films of Dunia, with advertisements everywhere for it, which was why when Silas saw her face he assumed she must be important.

Unfortunately, she didn't quite realise it was a B-movie. Though a talented theatre actress and quite well liked, she took this film as her big break and so was quite serious about it. As such, she wrote an auto-biography based around its filming.

The premise of Dandelion was that a natural disasters were raining down because of climate change and Fleur's character had to go on a mission to rediscover Nature and curb the influence of technology in order to restore balance etc.

The book was written half from the perspective of Fleur herself and half from the perspective of the character Dandelion during the events of the film; cutting to and from scenes of the movie to her own observations about the world and about nature, leading to this strange semi-spiritual prose where unlikely and impossible things happen.

Her autobiography took off and in the library of the ship they had several copies. When it crashed, most books were destroyed and others scattered, and so we ended up with the fragmented pages that formed the basis for Silas' teachings.

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