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Never was there a tale of such woe…

This is the Moonlight theatre's second adaptation of the classic story of forbidden love, between a Heizar and a Dunian; Shine Dust Bug and Nine. The tale sticks closely to the narrative we all know and love; the two fall in love, but can't be together because of their differences, before becoming robots in order to become compatible and challenge the preconceptions of those around them, becoming the first public Heizar-Dunian couple.

Of course this production has sparked numerous controversies over the change to the ending of the work. Though technically a spoiler, this change has become so infamous it is pointless discussing the show without mentioning it. The decision to kill off both our protagonists in a move the director has described as “giving more meaning to the show”, though it has caused outcry among fans of the original, citing it as a cheap move just to sell tickets.

We all of course know the original; the two do live happily ever after, but this alteration has made many upset, particularly as the move comes so soon after Shine Dust Bug's own death. Nine has yet avoided commenting on the matter, though is rumoured to be attending the premier.

The ending aside, the production of course lives up to the excellent standards set by the company in the past. Particular note should be given to the scene where the two turn in to robots; what can often come off as a slightly tacky moment is given the emotional weight the scene needs to carry it through to the end of the second act. verall it's worth a watch, even if you're not a fan of the revised ending.

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