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Starchild was a controversial figure in Monument's politics, a powerful member of the Council who worked closely with her peers, she is remembered fondly for the good work the Council did when she was her member. However, her reputation took a hit when members of the Starlings- a precursor to the military, under the Council's command- brutalised any overheard speaking ill of her as an overreaction to several unpleasant rumours circulating about her. She was assassinated shortly after this incident.

-A History of Monument by Maurice Antigny

Starchild, as a member of the Watched, believed that this is all a game and that we are here to entertain the audience. So she directed all of her actions into fulfilling this purpose, be it in opening restaurants, sabotaging the productions of rivals or ordering her minions to brutalise innocent people. The audience loves a villain, and Starchild as happy to play the role

-Author Unknown

“A feast must be prepared
attentions to be ensnared
for who can truly resist
the story of a poisoned feast”

-Starchild, the Musical

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