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The Truth

In the period of relative calm following the reactor issues, the Truth underwent a process of organisation. This restructuring was mainly led by Dandruff, but was also assisted by Jude Mentham.

The general structure was the same as before. There is an investigative department and a reporting department. However, today the investigation department is led by Dandruff and is much more streamlined. The Truth is more aware of what is being investigated, who is doing the investigation, and where the original information came from.

The reporting department is still the purview of the characteristic Gale Barton. Though long gone are the days of shouting from street corners. Thanks to a city-wide renovation of the broken screens, news broadcasts can be delivered all over Monument as soon as the news comes in. The Truth has also secured access to a printing press and began releasing the Monument Daily Tribune which is widely circulated throughout the city.

Of course Lead Investigator Dandruff is also careful to check in on Gale every so often, as well as the organisation as a whole. After all with the news team being as enthusiastic and overeager as before, one question still remains: Can Dandruff handle the Truth?

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