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“Of course, much of the early precedent set was made by A Protector Of Law and Order who presided over a number of landmark cases. The rulings, alongside his great legislative work, were instrumental in closing a number of loopholes in law, including the infamous 'definition of dead' case, as we've already covered.

“Now, his efforts were obviously frustrated by his long term political rival, Vice Governor, who championed looser laws and more lenient sentencing. The two shared many friendly debates over the years and we'll be looking into those further during this module…”

-Lecture at the University of Monument, on The History of Law


Citizens of Monument I have BREAKING NEWS! The infamous “Your Protection” prison has suffered its THIRD successful escape attempt in as many weeks. BUT HOW? I’ll tell you how! INVISIBLE LIZARDS! That’s why only the nice guys who got locked up for silly things are getting escaped. I reckon the Heizar are really good at telling who’s DESERVING. You know they can see things we don’t right? That’s also why NOBODY HAS CAUGHT THE ESCAPEES! The Heizar are super good at hiding things. IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Wait what’s that? Sorry people my INVESTIGATORS ARE TALKING TO ME. You found a backdoor in the prison? Dunian Made? I see…

THE HEIZAR ARE IMITATING DUNIANS! Wow what masters of disguise! I’ll be back with more of this story later!

— Gale Barton’s “All times of day news” broadcast to all working screens in Monument

Greetings to you all and thank you for coming today. Today I am happy to announce a great step forward for freedoms in Monument. I am aware that many of you have long felt the unnecessary intrusion of certain laws in this City. Unwarranted laws, laws that seek to control and not to serve you the people. Yes from this moment forth all laws concerning licensing in this city have been entirely revoked. You may from this day forth enjoy your usage of vehicles, guns and all other previously restricted items under your own sound judgement. As it should have been in the first place.

Please bear in mind that this is merely the first step in my campaign for more permissive Law in Monument. It is evident to me that as a society we should rely less on strict legislation to guide our principles but rather our own moral compasses. You can be clear that, with your support, this is but a mere stepping stone to the true work that needs to be done. In the meantime, if you are struggling with the cruel confines of legal punishment, I implore you to speak to the Ministry of Absolution. You will be with Safe Hands.

This speech by Co-Legislative Chief Vice Governor was very well received in the Corrugated Courtyard and was posited as the source of the man’s immense momentum in the legislative spheres of Monument

It was not long after the events of the reactor that Vice Governor stood down from his role as Minister for Absolution. He spent a long time deliberating over his successor. Candidates were believed to be assessed for qualities deemed suitable for an Absolution Minister as well as support from fellow Absoltionners. After careful consideration the new Minister Safe Hands was selected. It appears that he was aptly named as the Ministry has risen from strength to strength in recent years. Though some do say this is due to sage advice and occasional appearances on Absolution live from Vice Governor himself, Safe Hands has undoubtedly displayed competent stewardship of the office.

— Excerpt from “A History of Post Crash Business”, Keep Out of Reach

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