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Wynn Thornton - Eternity

“Although he would come to be known mainly for his independent work, Wynn Thornton begun life after the crash as a member of the Humanitarian Movement. He remains uncredited (at the time of writing) for work on basic necessities for the survival of a city that had not yet adopted the crucial skills Wynn had endeavoured to relearn. His work on textiles in particular has earned him an unpaid debt of gratitude from anyone struggling to keep warm through the city’s cold winters.

“This set a precedent that Wynn continued to follow throughout his life. He took it upon himself to learn Dunian physiology and practice medicine in Monument’s first – severely understaffed – hospital. He was also instrumental in the decommissioning of the city’s nuclear reactor and its transfer to the Hegemony. The short-lived period of co-operation between Wynn and the Hegemony promised to exchange a great deal of scientific insight, and we are much the poorer for their collaboration ending so soon.

“From the outset, Wynn dedicated much of his time to the Dunian quarter of the south of Monument, ensuring its occupants were healthy and had the resources they needed to work fruitfully. As the Dunians began to propagate through Aretz, Wynn saw to it their needs were met as well. This tireless work is arguably what characterized Wynn above all – he put all personal designs aside, concentrating on the thankless tasks the Dunian civilization needed most.”

- Pioneers of the Early Terraforming Era, by Xiao-Ping Zhang

“…while the Hegemony at first seemed to share information freely with Monument, relations soured following the discovery of a forced labour camp in which Dunian migrants had been interned… Wynn Thornton was responsible for overseeing their safe return to the city. See his notes on the Hegemony for further information.”

- a Monument Council briefing on foreign affairs

“Dunian cultural integration programme stricken by disaster. Someone let slip sensitive details of the nature of work conducted. Complaints about working conditions received by ambassador to the Glorious Hegemony, name WYNN THORNTON.

“WYNN THORNTON has informed fellow Dunians. Expect many irate messages from their leaders. Ensure integration programme consists purely of real cultural integration from hereon.”

- translated from a Heizar signal intercepted by Crystadyne

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