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Revision Log

As we do not have recent changes, we have created a revision log to note any important changes made to the wiki before the start of the game. Around the start of Term this page will no longer be linked from the contents, but will still exist, and any updates made to the wiki after this point will not be tracked. (The purposes here is to assist those who have rad the wiki when it was first published, but want to see what revisions have been made.)

Date of Change Page Description of Change
27/09 Revision Log Created Revision Log
27/09 FAQs Added a note about playing minors, included reference to revision logs
05/10 Quirks Added 5 new quirks: Animal Repellent, Dependent, Colourblind, Bad Sense Of Direction, and Mystery History. If you would like to have these quirks but have already submitted a character, you are more than welcome to submit alterations to the GMs.
07/10 When and Where Updated the location of sessions
07/10 Contents Removes link to Revision Log to avoid confusing new players
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