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News - Turn 1

Our Protectors

Throughout Monument, opinions of the Neighbourhood Watch have been on the rise. On the whole, citizens seem to be feeling much more confident in them, in no small part due to the role a number of its members had in escorting them to the recently constructed storm shelters, and doing their level best to keep the peace throughout the ordeal.

It seems that every day the Watch are becoming less a scary gang to watch out for and more an organisation we can potentially trust with our well-being. Certainly, all evidence seems to point this way at this point in time.

Humanitarian Aid

Various members of the Humanitarians have been distributing food and other supplies to those in need in Monument. While they acknowledge that their supplies are limited, they hope that with enough movement behind their cause that everyone can be supported in this time of crisis.

Thunder Dome

An arena has appeared in Monument, supposedly hosting a new game. It's slightly unclear what exactly it all means, but apparently there are big prizes to be won.

Road Signs

A road is being built to the North East, under the direction of the Ministry for Transport, the Ministry for Construction, the Ministry for Infrastructure, the Ministry for… Many Bureaucrats.


As the weather report suggested, hurricanes hit Monument around 2 months after the meeting. Fortunately it seemed the large majority of the storms didn't hit the city directly, but the weather was still pretty extreme, with further damage and chaos inflicted on the already destroyed city.

Just before the Hurricanes hit, a swathe of communal shelters opened their doors to any who needed refuge. These newly constructed shelters aren't the most comfortable things in the world, but they all lasted the worst of the weather.


There are rumours that someone is profiting from the Apocalypse by offering their services to protect those in need. It is highly implied that if those who do not employ such services will be in need of them very shortly.

Monument Census

The Ministry of information reminds citizens of Monument that they are currently undertaking a survey of the City. People are reminded that they should be giving truthful information as this is a project of vital importance.

New Hospital

A new community hospital has been set up around the meeting room, designed to support anyone in need of aid. While the project is still new, many have taken up the chance for semi-reliable healthcare, and numbers have been growing steadily. There is some mild concern that the project may be too popular, and it is uncertain that supply can continue to match demand.

Trident Stirred

Sounds of violence were heard around the building known as the Trident in the east side of Monument. The Watch have declared that they have apprehended some criminals but that citizens should stay away form that area for their own safety. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has only released the information that “Negotiations are still in progress”.

Land Registry Established

The Ministry of Transport wish for those in Monument making a claim to land to make themselves known. They have therefore implemented a Land Registry, whereby citizens may submit claims to private property. In the event that land becomes contested, the Bureaucrats will adjudicate any disputes.

The Moonlight Theatre

The new Moonlight Theatre has been established, with it's opening performance, 'The Life and Times of Fleur Mercier'. It even withstood the hurricanes in the second month - though a large amount of debris did have to be cleared for the stage.

The Law Book

Apollo has written out a comprehensive book of The Law in conjunction with a few Bureaucrats. All Citizens are now to abide by The Law. Any who do not shall be deemed criminals and taken to the Neigbourhood Watch's cells.

More Signs

As with 3 months ago, a bunch of signs have appeared, with signs pointing towards the meeting room and a timer counting down. AS with last time, people have begun gathering around the building, now a hospital, to see what's up.

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