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Have You Faced the Trial?

Have you had your soul cleansed like so many others of Monument? The depths of the city await you, to prove yourself and become a better person. So many have delved into the murky depths and returned anew; bravely faced the dangers and become so much more than before.

This is a necessary trial we must all face, so join the others who have already run the gauntlet and face The Vault.

New City, New You

The rippling waves of the Architect are reaching ever further with more and more of Monument talking about improving the city and improving themselves. Recently, Maurice Antigny has been seen - and heard - taking to the streets to spread the word to great response. Memory Loss is our second chance. We've got to make the most of it!

Sea Change in Sector Four

First colorful fires, now colourful murals! Sector Four has been a hive of activity the last few weeks with stunning artwork appearing on any and all available surfaces. Taking center stage in this new and improved decorative sector is a mural dedicated to the creature affectionately known as Serpenty who was sadly killed just a few months ago. In addition to this, depictions of wings, eyes and skulls can also be spotted around the sector.

When asked who might be behind this act of beautification, many residents commented on seeing Pastel around the area with a lot of paint.

Meanwhile, the recent election of Rafael as Mayor has raised morale among residents, who nonetheless hold former Mayor and much-loved folk hero Wynn Thornton in high regard. They've been introduced to a wide spectrum of philosophical beliefs from the rest of Monument, with offshoots of the Sons, Daughters and Children and the Architects both taking root within the quadrant. For survivors living there, it looks to be a time of far-reaching cultural upheaval.

More UFE Sightings

There have been more sightings of Unidentified Flying Entities around monument. The craft that had previously landed outside the city has now become a regular appearance, with a few Dunians spotted heading towards it. There have also been a number of other craft spotted flying over the city - including a pair of small vehicles that appeared from somewhere near the edge of monument.

Concern Rises Over Kidnappings

Concern has been growing over a large number of apparent kidnappings from within Monument. The finger has largely been pointed at the rumoured “Lizard People” who have apparently been stalking around the city. While exactly what happens to these people is unknown, speculation has run wild, from being eaten to running experiments on them. A rising sense of panic has followed, given the increased presence of UFEs near the city.

Subsidence in Monument

A large sinkhole has appeared along the edge of Monument, several hundred meters in length, and descending extremely deep. While no-one has dared venture inside, there are reports of ominous groaning from within the cavern, reported to sound much like the Shamblers.

Some who saw the formation appearing swear two UFEs were seen flying out moments after the crevice opened, though it's unclear how correct these rumours are.

Monument Death Race

Monument is still buzzing with excitement after it's inaugural Death Race last month. A diverse crowd managed to enjoy the spectacle of Jude Mentham and Super Unleaded racing at dangerous speeds from one side of Monument through to the other. Despite some early trouble, Jude managed to take the win in a conclusive fashion. Will anyone be able to challenge him for the title of Fastest Dunian alive?

Desirable Monument Real Estate

Advising everyone to buy in now while prices are still low. The area surrounding the factory in Sector 1 has undergone significant improvements in infrastructure quality. The buildings are sound, there is running water and quick access to work in the factory. There's even a new park! I hear we have the Bureaucrats to thank for these new developments.

Chaos in the Prison

The Neighbourhood Watch's make-shift prison was thrown into chaos mid-season, by a riot that started in the medbay. Loud explosions were also then heard and it has been noted by some reporters that there now appears to be a rather large hole in the side of the building.

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