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Doctors Angry at Hospital Vandalism

A number of medical staff working in the central medical facility have begun complaining at the reckless attitude people are taking towards their facility. These complaints follow two incidents; one involving dirt being scattered throughout the building, the other when a large section of flooring was pulled up in the meeting room.

“It's a tough job when we have such limited medical equipment; to come and vandalise the hospital in this way is frankly unacceptable” one Doctor said. “We encourage these meetings to take place, but feel that those responsible should consider their actions, and perhaps measures to be taken should this behaviour continue”.

The Crawl

While drinking establishments seem to have had something of a slow start, they have all had their sales skyrocket in the past month. This seems to largely be due to what can only be described as a bar crawl springing up almost overnight, with the drunken revelry somehow going on for a full month.

While nobody had quite the stamina to stay with the movement throughout, it is known that a large contingent from a group calling themselves The Unchained were involved for most of the second half of the event. The one responsible for starting it all, however, is none other than Numba 1 G Selim, someone who has gained almost legendary status among Monument's drinking circles and establishments.

A new drink, called “Tha Numba 1” also seems to have emerged. While different people have slightly different takes, the one consistent across all versions is trace quantities of gold.

The Academy

The Academy, a place of learning founded by the Architects, has recently opened its doors. Its stated aim is to equip the young people of monument with the skills they might need in later life. While it currently offers tuition in basic life skills, they are currently looking for volunteers with more specialised skills to pass on to the next generation.

See Maurice Antigny for details.

Trouble In the Canyon

It seems late this season there was an altercation between one half of the New Monument Army and a group led by Watch member Jasminder 100% Chatterji Cotton and Minister for Culture, Moonlight. The resulting fight led to the loss of an estimated fifty deaths, including that of one unarmed civilian, Afia Nakato. It is claimed by Matteo Casiano, that the attack was premeditated by Minister Moonlight and that the army had been based there to attempt to deescalate the situation and defend the civilians of the Upper Canyon.

Shortly after the event, several contradictory statements were released. Testimony has been released linking the folks of the Upper Canyon to an organisation called 'The Teardrops', which have allegedly been 'controlling Monument from the shadows'. Testimony has included from victims of a protection racket; reports that recruits to the Starlings and to the New Monument Army were trained to have loyalty to a friend of Afia Nakato's and head of the New Monument Army's Ranged Combat Division, Matteo Casiano. 'The Teardrops' were also rumoured to have a number of links to mercenary groups in the City and links to the Neighbourhood Watch through 'personal relations'. A number of possessions reported stolen, as well as a large supply of drugs, were also found in the Trident, which has been home to a number of 'The Teardrops'.

It is unclear at this point who is being charged with what but Matteo Casiano has gone on record denying all allegations and stating that '[he does] not monitor the actions of every resident of Trident or every person with a teardrop tattoo'.

It appears he has also declared the murder of an unarmed citizen an unacceptable outcome of this altercation and has stated that he intends to bring those responsible to justice.

In the wake of this event, the Trident has been declared a part of Monument and the Council seat has been reclaimed through a series of legalistic moves by ex-Councilor Pearl.

The future of the New Monument Army is uncertain at this point. Matteo Casiano does not appear as if he will rescind control any time soon and we here at the Truth believe he may use them to attempt to make military arrests of those involved in starting the altercation.

The Colour Wars

A fight near the Old City broke out a few months ago. The majority of the participants were tattooed with 'RED' or 'BLUE'. A number of people were killed and a number of people with 'BLUE' tattooed on them were taken prisoner.

It is at this point unclear what began the fight.

Sources also report rampant fire in the area.

New Laws

Apollo has announced the following:

Gun licences are now required to own and operate a gun. These can be obtained from the Neighbourhood Watch after completing a training course with them.

Additionally, kidnapping someone is now illegal, as is invisibility within City bounds.

Humanity Rescued

Almost a dozen missing people have been rescued from the Sneeple Island where they have been held in captivity for up to a year. They are glad to be back to safety and are very grateful to their rescuers Fire Blanket, Dandruff-Be-Gone, Vice Governor, Captain Ferrill and Read Instructions. There is talk in the city of a parade in the honour of the saviours.

Competition Time!

Announcements have been made for a competition - finding the most Red Hat. It's not clear why this competition has started, or if there's any prizes involved, but many have speculated that it is related to the colour wars that have been starting.

Lizard Embassy at Sky Temple

There has been a wealth of activity around the sky temple as they have opened their doors for all to come to speak to the Lizard Visitors. The event has proved quite popular, with many attending discussions on culture, language and technology. Security around the temple in anticipation of the events, although so far there have been no incidents.

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