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News 12

Second Embassy Established

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has established a Heizar embassy in parallel to the existing embassy at the Sky Temple. With a great many delegates at both buildings, those who are welcoming of the Heizar hope that the links we forge with the species will be stronger for the new development.

The Great Fire of Monument

In the early evening, the city was struck by what appeared to be a coordinated arson attack. Several key locations were set aflame, including the meeting room, the school, and the corrugated courtyard. Luckily the Watch were already on high alert, as one of the high profile members of the Fire Cult had broken their parole an hour earlier. They were able to respond quickly and douse the flames before much damage was caused.

In the wake of the fires, the Architects have been working to repair the damage.

Noneapple is still in hospital recovering after the event and is under constant surveillance.

The Threat of War

The threat of war seems to have passed after some tense negotiations. Piper Mentham led the talks with Matteo Casiano and secured a deal where many of his forces have been reassigned to Piper Mentham's control. Matteo also agreed he will cede all control of the New Monument Army to Captain Ferrill. This comes after those Matteo had demanded brought to justice were killed in a plane crash.

Matteo was later arrested by Read Instructions First of the Watch but came quietly. He is now in their cells awaiting trial.

Matteo and Afia Definitely Bad Guys

“Hey have you heard? That Matteo and Afia were behind a lot of bad stuff that's been going down?”

“Yeah I know. Them Bureaucrats have been shouting it from every street corner.”

“Says here that they've been extorting, scheming, getting people killed, the lot!”

“I bet it was them that stole my damn sandwich yesterday!”

“Yeah… yeah definitely them mate…”

The Architects Flourish

Thanks to the work of Guinevere Mentham the Architects have started a number of infrastructure project designed to benefit the city. More permanent housing has been built for the people of the Corrugated Courtyard, much alleviating the overcrowding issue. Water works have finally been finished and now the City has a number of water distribution points. Debris from the city has been cleared and repair work is occurring on the derelict buildings across the city.

Monument finally appears to be taking shape.

The Final Show

The final concert of Moonlight was a rapturous event. The crowd were truly stunned with his performance and his fans, now in mourning, have reported that they had never adored him more.

Moonlight has become a divisive figure in our time; some in the City criticised his choice to put on such a concert in such dire times, but many have argued this concert was his last farewell and a gift to the city. Love him or hate him - and so many love him - you have to agree, the man had undeniable style and he will be missed.

The Broadcast

Around a day before the meeting, the screens around monument spark to life once again. An ominous video begins playing:

Text appears on the screen: “You had your chance”
There's some disjointed imagery; a Sky Angel, then it lying dead. Over the top Pastel's voice speaks: “One Angel fell, but we gave you a chance”
The image suddenly cuts to Pastel talking to the camera “A chance for redemption. A chance for greatness.”
The image cuts again, this time to footage of Pastel being attacked and dying. The angle doesn't show who attacked them
Pastel appears again, against a featureless white background. “You failed.”
The footage of Pastel dying repeats again and again. Cuts to random images are interspersed, increasingly erratic. The voice of Pastel repeats over and over “You failed.”
Another voices begins speaking - Fleur's. “The celestial guided us, will guide us. Pastel will show us the way. She knows. We can't fail her….” Fleurs voice continues on and on over the images, as Pastel's voice get's more insistent - “You Failed”.

UTE Crash

A UTE was spotted crashing just outside monument, between the City and the Canyon. Some noted that it looked a lot like one of the two UTE's spotted flying around monument recently. Another UTE was spotted in the area, flying alongside it, though appears to have been unaffected by the incident. There was no aerial battle observed, the first UTS seemed to crash of it's own accord.

Councillors Missing

Councillors Moonlight, Guinevere Mentham and Pearl have not been seen since they left to negotiate with the leader of the Canyon Army, Matteo. It is unclear at this point what has happened. Also missing are prominent members of society Jasminder 100% Chatterji and Super Unleaded. Already the absence of their influence is being felt throughout the city.

Citizens of Monument Grow Concerned

With travesty raveging the city, concerned citizens of Monument look for guidance about how society should proceed. Many people call for clarifications on things; such as how laws are made. They also want proper procedures for those joining the watch, as not everyone should just be allowed to have a weapon. Concern is also raised about the fact people seem to be allowed to go around eating other people with no apparent consequence.

With the arrival of the Lizards, there is uncertainty as to what the future holds. Will anyone step up and take leadership of the people, or will someone forge a new monument to lead onwards?

Factory In Favour

Information has spread about Monument's factory, run by Nine and Alex. Spokespeople have pointed out the good work that has been done for the city by them, including the production of fertiliser.

Frankly, we're lucky to have them. I don't know what that weird painting on the front's about, though.

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