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The skyline of Monument is forever changed. A large structure just outside the city has sprung up in recent months - a collection of 10 ships designed to fling the lucky few passengers out into space. The rockets have a capacity of 1000 people between them; with tickets being offered on a lottery draw. However it remains unconfirmed when these craft will be launching, and where they will be going if they do leave the planet.

One of the projects leads, Piper Mentham, died following an attack at the launch site. The rockets still remain in a working condition, and the only casualty of the attack was Piper. However this loss has lead to some uncertainty about the future of the project, with Ravenheart and Dr. House taking on Piper's responsibilities on the project.

Another Broadcast

The Following Is Broadcast from the Sky Temple before the Mission Underground

“Hey, it's me again, Leaders Bridge, I've been spreading news about projects recently, and nagging you for participation. A few more things: get out of the city if you can– we don't know if it will help, but there might be a minor or localised problem, in which case it truly will. The caves might be useful for shelter, and are a little safer than nothing at all. Stay safe. Tell someone you love that you love them. Please try not to shoot anyone, I think the medics have enough on their hands at present. And please, it would mean a lot to me if you could remember this, those of you who didn't know her: remember Rafi Sadikovic. Hope for better things to come. Thank you for listening, you've been a wonderful Audience.”

The World is Saved!

Citizens of Monument woke up this morning to a planet that is still conspicuously intact. Thanks to Monumental efforts from ordinary citizens as well as the enigmatic Heizar the underground shamblers have been beaten back and the obstreperous reactor brought back under control. Notable saviours include Selene, Leaders Bridge, George Mentham, House-For-Sale, Ray, Nine, Alex, Dandruff-Be-Gone, Vice Governor, Forest-River-Gem, Shine-Dust-Bug, Con, Wynn Thornton, Read Instructions First, Apollo and Rain. Special gratitude goes towards the notorious Noneapple who reportedly saved us all through her self-sacrifice. Five cheers for our heroes!

The Party to End All Parties!

Following, Unchained member, Aces' Low's announcement at the meeting, an end of the world party was held. It was a fun event, hosted by Remus Craw, and catered by Grief and by Rain (who managed much of the logistics). However, there were some anti-authoritarian riots at the end of the night.

Some recently used this to argue that the Watch is ineffective and a new authority is needed. However, this call does not have City-wide support.

Matteo Escaped!

Notorious criminal Matteo Casiano has escaped. This follows what is believed to be the infiltration if the Watch's prison complex by someone of unknown identity. A canteen worker described them as 'handsome but then, then hit me over the head with this bucket, so…'

This comes shortly after Apollo had sentenced Matteo to death.

A New Outlook

A new movement is sweeping Monument, looking to shape the future. The group, led by Fire Blanket, believes that the current system of Laws and people granting themselves power is not working, and that we should focus on the ground ideals that do work. Forgoing all laws, the focus is now on avoiding unnecessary conflict between people, and working as groups to discuss any friction between people and resolve things peacefully.

The ideas have garnered a lot of support, with large numbers of people regularly attending meetings to talk and discuss ideas around monument. There is also a lot of focus about talking things through as groups, and the discussions are said to be very welcoming even to those who do not wholeheartedly agree with the movement.

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