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News 2

Shelters Survive the Rain

With warnings of Acid Rain on the horizon, many feared for the safety of the community shelters which had recently been build. However thanks to the hard efforts of certain individuals, mostly members of the Watch, the shelters have managed to resist this latest onslaught, proving once again The Watch are here to protect us.

The New Musical

The latest musical, starring none other than Moonlight in the leading role (with Remus Craw as “Mysterious Figure”), has taken off with huge aplomb. This new work covers the new Laws that have been laid out, exploring whether they are necessary and what combinations of laws might make for a perfect world. The piece concludes optimistically however, suggesting that these new Laws will indeed make for the best possible world to live in.


The inaugural Main Event was a huge success this month in a physical contest that left the crowd baying for more! The winner of the grand prize? They are known only as “The Boss Man”!

Hospital Upgrades

A number of upgrades have been made to the Hospital Building. Alongside reinforcement against the Acid Rain, a few new rooms have been added onto the building, which are quickly utilised by the hospital. Those present say the work was largely finished by one person, although no-one's entirely sure who.

Council Seats

Following the recent elections and other contests, all Council seats have now been filled. They are as follows:

  • Representative from the Bureaucrats: Guinevere Mentham
  • Representative from the Watch: A Protector Of Law and Order (Apollo)
  • Representative from the Watched: Starchild
  • Representative from the Truth: Dandruff-Be-Gone
  • Representative from the SDC: Adverse Camber
  • Representative from the Humanitarians: Martin Fuller
  • Representative from Sector 1: George Mentham

Bureaucracy Works

Leaflets bearing the logo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been circulating Monument recently. Their content is dedicated to the public works the Bureaucracy have been involved in recently, including the road through Sector 1, the settlement they have set up, and their implementation of the council structure to help lead the people of Monument.

Public opinion of the Bureaucracy has been on the up for the most part, although dissenting voices from the Heralds of New Dunia and, to a slightly lesser degree, the Sons, Daughters and Children, mean this is far from a universal sentiment.

The Grief Restaurant

The new and improved “Grief” Restaurant is NOW OPEN. Come and try some delicious food, and enjoy an atmosphere that only “Grief” can provide. Get it while it's fresh!

A New Settlement

The Bureaucrats have built a new settlement to the North-East of monument, and it is already functioning very well.

Injured People?

Anyone know anything about those injured people that seem to be lurking near the edge of Monument? They seem like they might be in pain; they've been groaning and shuffling about for a while now. Maybe we should go help them?

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