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News 3

Councillor Arrested!

Monument newest Councillor Pearl has been brutally apprehended by the Neighbourhood Watch right outside the meeting room doors. Witnesses claim that Pearl was sprung upon by Jasminder and Miles in the middle of discussing council business! Why did this happen? Is anyone safe from the indiscriminate fist of the Watch?

Councillor Released?

Various rumours are heard around Monument to the effect that Pearl is no longer enjoying the hospitality of the Watch. Conflicting opinions are abound: Pearl was released without charge; Pearl's attorney negotiated bail on her behalf; Pearl tore down the cell wall with her bare hands. There's no way to tell which of these is the truth.

Thunderdome Heating Up

Last month's match at the Thunderdome was the most exciting one yet! A supreme clash of brute force and skill as the Watch Dogs eventually triumphed over Team Anarchy. Will this match ever be topped? We are sad to note the passing of contestant John Reade. He will rest comfortably knowing that his unfortunate accident has brought untold enjoyment to those that watch.

Flooding in Sector 1

There has been recent flooding in so-called “Sector 1” of Monument. The floods have come from the canal that has been constructed in the area, which is bringing water directly from the river to the north-east of Monument. The flooding has been relatively minor, and mostly in unpopulated areas, thanks to some work done to try and limit the effects of the floods.

Supply Centre in Sector 1

New supply sectors have opened up in sector 1. The buildings are distributing food and water brought in from sector 2. The work has been done as a join effort between the Bureaucrats and the Humanitarians. However some in Sector 2 have voiced their concerns about supplies being removed from the area, and have been accusing the Bureaucrats of favouritism.

Neighbourhood Watch Building Ablaze

A building used by the Neighbourhood Watch caught fire one night, depriving them of one of their key means of keeping prisoners. Speculation about how the organization will handle this blow is rife, and the culprits have not been identified.

Puzzling Disappearances

Word has it that a great many things are going missing in Monument, from the precious to the utterly worthless. Sizes vary as well, with a couple of rumours of whole shelters vanishing. How strange!

Flooding in the Sons, Daughters, and Children's Settlement

Unfortunately, due to some flood defenses being put up the other side of the river, the water was redirected and there was a small flood in the Children's Settlement. The water levels have since gone down but there has been some damage to the already apocalypse damaged structures where the Children were making their home.

Absolution! Live

The Moonlight Theatre's new rousing success has been an interactive show called 'Absolution' where people explain their wrongdoings and the audience vote on whether to absolve them. Could these be the trials of the future?

The Grief Restaurant

Open for business and business is, by the looks of things, good! A influx of people have been visiting this hot new eatery thanks to the success of a cooking show hosted by Remus Craw and Moonlight. Now people can eat food that tastes of something other than dirt!

Dead or Injured People Near You? Report to the Truth!

Gale Breeze has been loudly asking for any information on the dead or injured individuals who appear to be mindlessly wandering towards living beings. A number of attacks have been reported, and Gale wants to know, were you attacked? If so, by who! Were they old, young, male, female, otherwise, were they a prodigy, and where did they come from? Does anyone know these people? Could they be an entirely separate group of strange people-like survivors? Are they the cause or the result of the apocalypse? Gale wants to know and only you can answer them!

Injured People?

Is it me or have those injured people started moving into monument? I could have sworn just last week they were only really around the edges and now they seem to be moving in. Still a bit aggressive, aren't they?

Doctors Wanted!

The hospital has sent out a request for more people, requesting that anyone with the skills to treat the sick and injured make them selves known and offer assistance. They also claim to be running low on bandages and medicine.

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